Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Cast

The Cast

Honey my boyfriend, best friend, one of the most amazing men I've ever met.

Queen my bad ass mom, partner in crime.

Jacob Riley besides the most awesome kid in the world, he's my nephew. :)

Dad self explanatory, he's my dad. When speaking of work relations he's referred to as the big man. Not only is he my dad, he's also my boss.

Ashley my sister

BIL my good ol brother in law

Not pictured:
SAB my once upon a time bestie who eventually showed her true colors and is now one of my less than favorite people. You can find more on that story here.

Mogo one of my coworkers and friend. She received the nickname at work and it kind of stuck.

Miller one of my coworkers and close friend.

T-Rex Honey's roommate and best friend. He's big like a dinosaur and semi scary like a dinosaur and his name starts with a T. It just fits. other nicknames: tyronious, love muffin (because he fits the pure definition of a man whore so to be put lightly, I started calling him love muffin when honey and I first got together)