Tuesday, June 29, 2010

BOTM- June10

Anybody notice what has not taken place this month? Anybody?

Everybody knows that I've been on blogcation for basically the whole month of June. Due to this, I really don't want to list a BOTM just so they can have it for a few days til Miss July steals the glory. Therefore, I won't be having a month of june :'(. Sorry Miss June, whoever you may be! Stay tuned on July 1st! It could be you. And we all know how seriously important it is and what a huge achievement it is to recieve a BOTM from The Diva Bee, you might as well be walking down the red carpet! Haha, or not. Anyways, BOTM will resume July 1st. ;)

For those of you just now reading, Ms. May was Summer @ Summer's Story. Check her out, she's a doll!! ;)

Monday, June 28, 2010

1000 Random Fact Pt 3

Welcome to part tres! I pre-apologize if you get bored with reading. I'll be doing double the facts. How intriguing! ;)

Pt. 3: 101-200
101. I listen to rap. Hardcore rap. Boom boom stuff.
102. I get giggly when thinking about love, sometimes depressed.
103. I love HGTV. Mainly House Hunters and Property Virgins.
104. Speaking of virgins, I lost my virginity my sophomore year in high school. Oh watta hoe! HA! Jk.
105. I lit and took a hit off of my first cigarette when I was 8 years old.
106. I've been a smoked cigarettes since my junior year in high school.
107. I've had 7 cellphones. 2 being iPhones. 3g and 3gs of course ;)
108. I decided to trip shrooms my sophomore year in college. It didn't work right and I ended up with a delayed trip that lasted 3 months. Hello white cats and black rabbits EVERYWHERE. *Do not ever try this... it's stupid and irresponsible.
109. When I was 12 years old I spent my summer's going to work with my mom. (She's a cosmetologist) I would sweep hair and wash out perms and stock... and made pretty good money.
110. I never talked until I was 3 years old, I only grunted.
111. I'm generally shy, however with age I come more out of my shell.
112. My father and I didn't have a relationship til I was 14 years old. We had the same temper so we only pissed each other off... long story will elaborate later.
113. If I could tan everyday of my life I would. However I'm quite pale.
114. I've spent a week straight drunk. Literally never sober once. Hey, it was spring break in PCB... don't judge me :-P
115. I hate confrontation but I'm not one to let it overcome me.
116. The day before I start my monthly present I cry.. it never fails.
117. When driving my seats vibrate from my bass. I wouldn't have it any other way.
118. I live in the country music capital, yet I hated country up until about 2 years ago.
119. Born and raised in Tennessee.
120. I'm determined to visit Delaware.
121. " " Maine.
122. " " New Brunswick
123. " " Chicago
124. " " New York
125. " " LA
126. " " San Fran
127. " " St. Lucia
128. " " Mexico
129. " " Miami
130. " " New Hampshire
131. " " North/South Carolina
132. " " Washington
133. I have several e-mail addresses. As soon as I start getting too much junk mail, I make a new one. Retarded I know.
134. I'm 21 with a curfew.
135. I'm hot natured.
136. When I was younger, before I discovered contacts, everytime I got mad I broke my glasses. I had anger issues apparently.
137. I love getting out of the shower and letting my hair air dry.
138. My mom randomly tells me she's going to beat me with something, always some sort of random object... fly swatter, spatula, newspaper.... I know her love for me is overwhelmingly obvious. lol.
139. I'm a true believer that music speaks where words fail.
140. I know how to carry on a convo about politics.
141. I'm a republican that boarderlines me neutral. I don't vote based upon whether or not they're a rep or dem, I vote for the candidate who I find to be best for office.
142. Aka. I think Sarah Palin is a dumbass.
143. FEMINISTS GET READY TO BE OUTRAGED: I don't believe a female should be able to run for president. I feel it's a mans job... women are too emotional. They have a bad period and next thing we know we're blowing up china because she had a hot flash. No Bueno.
144. I randomly speak spanish.
145. I think spanish is a beautiful language and it's very under appreciated.
146. I'm an impatient person.
147. My taste in music is very diverse.
148. Yes, this means I randomly jam out to bluegrass. WHAT UP! :)
149. I practiced playing flip cup before I ever played with a group of people. Just so I wouldn't look like a jack ass of course!
150. On a school night we decided to play water pong instead of beer pong... just because we wanted to play. lol
151. I love playing sports
152. However, I'm not athletically inclined at all... except for softball.
153. I won 5 trophies in one season of softball.
154. If you put my iPod on shuffle I assure you, you will run into some Britney Spears and Dean Martin. hehe
155. I love blueberry pancakes and waffles!!
156. I don't really like candy unless I randomly crave it at that certain time of the month.
157. Actually I'm not a fan of sweets alltogether.
158. I refuse to shop at Abercrombie and Hollister. I find it to be overrated.
159. I hate when girls pretty much buy whatever was on the mannequin, it shows lack of creativity.
160. My iTunes has 2107 songs at this current moment in time. I don't even have all my music loaded. hehe.
161. My favorite movies of all times are Blow
162. Garden State
163. American Pie's
164. Sex and The City
165. PS I love you
166. The Notebook
167. My favorite quotation comes from one a friend from high school, "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Everyone has their own hell, whether they grow above that or not is up to them." JB
168. I have one tattoo. It's two nautical stars one on each hip bone. Black and pink with green stripes.
169. I like scarves.
170. I know how to knit.
171. I wish I knew how to sew.
172. I love scrapbooking.
173. I love writing.
174. I love it when guys wear suits.
175. I'm obsessed with the band Chiodos. check em out!
176. I love wearing dresses.
177. Bald guys turn me on.
178. I love gerber daisies.
179. I love watching the biggest loser, it makes me happy
180. I love summertime.
181. I hate winter.
182. I google anything and everything.
183. I'm addicted to caffiene.
184. I'm not a fan of Obama
185. I'm a regular at Starbucks.
186. I have a million lighters but everytime I need one I can't find one
187. I like to sleep with lots of pillows.
188. I'm really not a fan of wet grass.
189. I want to own a Mac computer super duper uber spectacularly bad.
190. I make up my own words.
191. I randomly switch letters in words that I try to say. Example: Is this clean or dirty comes out as is this dean or cirty?
192. When I write my number 4's and 8's I write them differently almost everytime. Don't ask. lol
193. I love Hardee's breakfast. Especially the biscuit and gravy!!
194. I live by Ch 4 News. I hate all other news stations lol
195. Not a fan of facial hair.
196. I love sitting outside listening to the crickets chirp
197. Out of all types of jewelry, bracelets are my least favorite.
198. I want to eventually own a chevy truck with suspensions. Because I'm just that redneck.
199. I have a tender heart. You tell me about somebody getting hurt, I assure you I'll follow it up with, "Bless their heart!"
200. I love me some fishin!

Fact: That was intense. Try coming up with 100 facts in one blog post, nottt easy. especially since I kept backspacing because I remember I already stated a fact in a previous fact-o-thon post! Hope you enjoyed... tooootles ;)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

wait, the weekend is already over?

Happy Sunday :) I hope everyone had a good weekend, I know I sure did! Friday night of course I didn't do anything because I worked Saturday morning from 7-10am. However, Saturday night was spent at my sisters, again! lol. As I was on my way to her house she asked me to stop and get her some cigarettes so I pulled into the gas station and went inside. I got in line with two people in front of me. One of those people turned around, jaw hitting the floor, in total amazement. Turns out it was one of my ex's best friends. I haven't seen him in probably over a year, therefore we both had changed alot. For instance, he went from being chubby geek to built and handsome... just for the record. After a little small talk he told me it was good seeing me and that I looked good. After this, I knew my night was going to be entertaining. On my departure from the gas station my sister called and told me it was only going to be me and her and my BIL hanging out. I got to her house and we chatted for a bit only to be interrupted at the same time with text messages. Her's was from her friend Crissy informing her that she was on her way over with her latest arm candy and mine was from my high school crush saying that he had just got off work and he was headed that way. We went from no one coming over to a nice little gathering. Several beers later everyone departed except for J (high school crush). We went inside and sat on the couch and ended up hanging out til 5am. :) hehe okay yes I totally just giggled when typing that. Not that either of us have time for a relationship but it's always fun to fantasize. :) :)

Today we all came to my parents to swim. My mom had just bought a volleyball net for the pool... plus several other pool games. It was a lot of fun. I'm actually just now settling down. Thank God I have tomorrow off work! Especially considering last week was extremely stressful and tear-filled. I think it's fair to say this weekend made up for it though.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Part II

More facts! Oh the craziness! Welcome to part two :)

part two: 51-100

51. I paint my toenails and two weeks later I pick the polish off.
52. I'm addicted to csi's law and orders and snapped. I swear I'm not a murderer.
53. My handwriting changes daily.
54. I love sleeping with alot of pillows.
55. I would poop my pants for someone if they offered in return to give me a MacBook pro.
56. I still sleep with my baby blanket that I've had since I was a fetus.
57. I can't stand the word moist and I somehow always catch myself sayin it.
58. The thesaurus is my best friend-- you better believe I have a thesaurus app on m iPhone!
59. Ambulance sirens make me sick to my stomach.
60. I sometimes become a hermit and I dont want anyone to talk to me or even look at me.
61. I didn't start my period til I was almost 16 years old. Wait tmi? Read on.
62. I love purses but I'm extremely peculiar about them.
63. If I could wear stilletos everyday then I would.
64. In highschool I woke up two hours earlier just so I could go to starbucks before school
65. I have too many paperback journals to count.
66. I've had a xanga, livejournal, and wordpress blog prior to my blogger.
67. I'm addicted to the iPhone app WeRule. Ok and MyTown :-P
68. I miss AOL and the sound of "you've got mail".
69. I always forget to use my camera when I do picture worthy events.
70. I love how big of a "bitch" and a smart ass Nancy Grace is.
71. I hate when my feet are wet. (minus the shower and swimming of course)
72. I'm allergic to all rasberry items. Lotion, the fruit, juice... Everything.
73. I'm clumsy as all get out.
74. I wear contacts and always forget to take them out.
75. I randomly feel the urge that I HAVE to go shopping.
76. I love to get my nails done and pedicures
78. I love to dance.
79. I could tell people all day long how to lose weight and it will work. Yet I have no motivation to do it myself.
80. Blog comments make me SO happy yet sometimes i get too lazy torespond at that moment. Don't lie you do too.
81. I learn how to dive every summer because the next summer I get a fear and can't do it without relearning it.
82. I have a Vera Bradley planner that I'm obsessed with.
83. I love trying on clothes.
84. I get really excited when I buy new shampoo or toothpaste.
85. I've always looked funny in tennisshoes. Yet it's apart of my work uniform.
86. I love cuddling...until I get hot then I get pissy. Lol
87. I think puttputt is the most god awful first date. See fact #73.
88. I had my first kiss in the 8th grade.
89. My phone is about to die. And that frustrates me.
90. I bite my nails.
91. I love filing cabinets.
92. Nothing is better then clean sheets and a freshly vacuumed carpet.
93. I haven't had many boyfriends. Probably not as many as an average 21 yr old would have.
94. At time I can be very awkward
95. When meeting someone new I'm shy, unless alcohol is involved. "Oh you name is Betty? Well your my new best friend!"
96. Sometimes I crack jokes about myself when deep down it bothers me like no other.
97. I require sleep much like a toddler.
98. I LOVE to decorate.
99. I've had 6 different roomates.
100. I Love whitening my teeth.

That's all for now! Til next time...

Friday, June 18, 2010

1,000 Random Facts About the Diva Bee P1

So I've made it my personal challenge to provide 50 Facts about myself. 50 Facts isn't hard, but my challenge goes further... I plan on randomly selecting posts where I display 50 facts, I'm not going to stop until I have 1,000 Random Facts about The Diva Bee.

Part 1: 1-50
1. I have blue eyes.
2. My natural hair color is blonde.
3. I have chemically changed my hair pretty much every color.
4. I start my morning off with coffee, later followed by a Mountain Dew
5. When I get sleepy I rub my feet together.
6. I love buying dishes.
7. My favorite color is green.
8. I was born December 16, 1988.
9. I have one sibling, her name is Ashley.
10. I'm the baby of the family.
11. My nephew means the world to me.
12. I've had one job in my entire life. I still work there.
13. I have a fascination with organizing objects. (baskets, shelves, etc)
14. When using the public bathroom I rip off the first foot of toilet paper and throw it away. (Hey, you don't know what that person had on their hands that used the potty before you!)
15. I can't sleep in clothes, I sleep in my undies.
16. I'm petrified of the number 6
17. My lucky number is four.
18. I've had four computers in my entire life.
19. I'm the only person that has ever attended a university in my family
20. I am a Titans fan, til I die!
21. I prefer beer over liquor.
22. The smell of vodka literally makes me sick.
23. I've never been able to fully commit to watching a whole tv series from point a to point b.
24. I've lived in three different cities, all in Tennessee.
25. I've had four car wrecks... don't worry they weren't all my fault.
26. I really love fashion, the only problem is my work schedule and uniform makes it hard to be fashionable.
27. Reformed anorexic. Wait, is that the right wording?
28. I claim my farts and laugh about it.
29. I have pee'd my pants... I'm not talking about childhood here.
30. I can't sleep if my dresser drawers are open or clothes are hanging out etc...
31. I love Sex and The City, I really want the entire box set. Aka, if you know anyone thats hosting a giveaway and the gift just so happens to be the whole series, please make sure I'm the first to know. (I can't bring myself to spend 200 some-odd dollars on it!)
32. I believe in God.
33. I love to read, ha if I ever get time
34. I smoke cigarettes. Camel Lights or Marlboro Lights, whatever is the cheapest.
35. I love to love.
36. I love a man in uniform.
37. I'm a pretty complex/difficult/complicated person
38. I love doing random quizzes.
39. Summer @ Summer's Story is by far my favorite blog buddy, she's so sweet who couldn't love her!! (Don't get me wrong, I love love love my other bloggy buds!!)
40. I love planting flowers
41. I can cook, just gimme the recipe!
42. I'm a talented painter, I just never have time to paint.
43. My dream job is a makeup artist
44. For some reason or another, I think cops are hot... don't ask!
45. I like to read the wedding stories in the Sunday's paper.
46. I'm addicted to The Sims
47. I've owned three cars: Lime green bug. Red Honda CRV, and my new Silver Honda Element.
48. I'm a shihtzu person. I love my dogs!!
49. I think I'm prettier when I'm tan.
50. I want to get married, not now, but eventually.

Stay tuned ;)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

cuteness explosion

Hello hello! Anyone proud that I'm posting and it's not even a month+ since my last post? Lol, I'm just thankful I have time to sit here on my computer and do so. Anyways, I keep talking about the pictures I have that are exploding with cuteness... well now I'm going to finally post them for all to see! I don't blame you if you put them as your computer background... they are just that cute, or maybe I'm bias. So without further adieu:

So I went to my sister place this past weekend to spend the night and hangout with the ever so awesome Jacob Riley. The following morning I woke up and was watching TV only to see my BIL come in the room with Jacob on his shoulders, talk about adorable. Somehow Jacob had stripped his PJ shirt off and was being carried around in his little PJ shorts, seriously, who wouldn't want to just eat him up!

So later we dressed little Jacob up to go to Granny's. (My mom, of course) My dad is real big into hunting so he bought Jacob a little camo onesie. Well, my sister has never put him in it before and being the awesome aunt that I am, I decided it was time to strut his stuff camo style. Cute right? So cute that I had to get a picture... don't mind me and my goof face, it just kind of happened. :)

We got to my parents house and hung out for a while. A Jacob-nap later we went swimming. This is Jacob after he went swimming for his second time. :) hehe Yeah too cute, right?

So that's what I've been up to lately...err... Saturday anyways. I don't take pictures at work, not only because they would bore you, so therefore that's basically what I've been up to. More to come soon. :)

Quote of the Week {6.17.10}



Saturday, June 12, 2010

money making, stress accumulating, hard working diva

Where has the diva been, you ask? Oh golly where do I start! With out further elaboration I will tell you this, I have now skipped over the assistant manager position and went straight from keyholder to manager at work. Everything has been crazy lately, literally. Yesterday was probably the most crazy. After being at work all morning with little to no sleep from last night, I'm now laying in bed about to take a nap. However I feel like I have neglected my beautiful blog friends so I decided to make a quick post. I have had several of you on my mind here lately and to be honest I feel 100% guilty for not even taking the time to comment all yalls blogs.

Wth this being said, I wanted to ask yall to please be patient with me as I turn to a new page in my life. So far it's been hectic and somewhat overwhelming. I've been working long hours only to come home, crawl into bed, and stare atthe ceiling thinking about everything that needs to be done. With my new management position I'm havin to go through and fix everything that happened prior to my promotion. Being only 21 this is a pretty big step for me and I feel that it's only normal to be so overwhelmed.

To give you a little update on me: I'm still single and I am still not looking for too serious of a relationship becuase right now I don't have time, let's face it I don't even have time to post... I couldn't imagine having to deal with a relationship right now!! Also Jacob is doing wonderful!!!! He can now sit up all on his own and he's working towards crawling. He's becoming such a big boy and really I dontthink I'm ready for it :-/ My grandmother is currently in the hospital due to congestive heart failure. My grandfatherhowever is becoming more and more healthy which is a huge relief considering he has a tumor. Also another girl at work is pregnant. Lol, seriously they just can't stop popping baby bumps!! Other than that, I myself am doing pretty good. I can't really complain about much. My family is bursting out the seams with love and support and right now that's all I really need.

So tell me, since I haven't been able to read up on yalls blogs, how are you?

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thursday, June 3, 2010