Tuesday, June 29, 2010

BOTM- June10

Anybody notice what has not taken place this month? Anybody?

Everybody knows that I've been on blogcation for basically the whole month of June. Due to this, I really don't want to list a BOTM just so they can have it for a few days til Miss July steals the glory. Therefore, I won't be having a month of june :'(. Sorry Miss June, whoever you may be! Stay tuned on July 1st! It could be you. And we all know how seriously important it is and what a huge achievement it is to recieve a BOTM from The Diva Bee, you might as well be walking down the red carpet! Haha, or not. Anyways, BOTM will resume July 1st. ;)

For those of you just now reading, Ms. May was Summer @ Summer's Story. Check her out, she's a doll!! ;)

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