Sunday, February 26, 2012

the announcement

Friday evening Honey and I went to dinner with my parents. Yummy meal I might add. So I dont know if I've ever mentioned on my blog or not but my parents have no idea how honey and I actually met. That night, after just being qualified for our future home, I saw the perfect opportunity for me to inform them of how we actually met, a dating website for those of you just now catching on.

We had just received our entrees and I looked up, my parents sitting across from us, and announced, "well now that we are all together as a family I need to tell you something..." my dad turned ghost white, a shot of panick crossed my mothers blushed cheeks, and Honey dropped his fork on his plate and lowered his head. At first I was confused as what was going through all three of their heads and then I realized and quickly announced..."oh my gah! I'm not pregnant!!" immediately all the tension that was hovering over the table, I'm talking enough tension that could potentially smother some one, lifted. Everyone finally started breathing again and we laughed it off.

Just like I had imagined how my mothers reaction would be to me finding my soulmate on the Internet she responded, "if I knew I would've never let you leave the house! You could've been killed!..." This is exactly why I waited to tell her.

In the end I think everyone was still focusing on the fact that they thought I was pregnant. Boy I didn't see that happening.

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Saturday, February 25, 2012


So first of all, I'll have you know that I wrote an entire blogpost yesterday however BlogPress-an app on my iPhone and iPad- failed me! If I would've had more time I would've reposted however I didn't. ANYWAYS!

So yesterday Honey and I got to go to the bank and get pre-qualified for a loan to buy house!!!! I mean we knew we would qualify, the monetary funding is there, however the mortgage rate right now is fenomenal and we wanted to lock in that rate in case the rate changes in the time it takes us to find our home. We were dead on to the estimated amount we qualified for. However due to me not having any credit- because my only debt is my car and I don't own a credit card- I was unable to be on the loan but I will still be on the title. Fortunately Honey has beyond amazing credit, even one of the brokers jaw dropped.

I've already contacted the real estate agent, whom is also a family friend and I went to high school with her son, so I have hopes that it won't be a horribly long process. I know the area, the price, amenities, basically everything that I want. Of course this slims the options down but that's fine I'm not going to settle. Honey lucked out when it comes to me being his partner, not to give myself a big head or anything but for him it will be a three step process.
1. Get prequalified (check!)
2. Look at the house I chose.
3. Sign papers to close.
For me however, I'll be doing the hunting and searching and all the extravagant shit. I'm beyond excited though and I can't wait to officially start the process of more than Internet shopping but actually going and viewing the houses. I have my eye on a couple, one being high on my list and my hopes are high for, but regardless I'm going to look at several so I know what's out there. I'm hoping Karen, my agent, can find several that I haven't found yet.

Now I'm rambling but I'm so excited I don't know what to do with myself hehe :). I'm finally going to have a home. Not just a house but a home!! Wish me luck :)

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday adventure

So today I went on an adventure, well maybe not to others but with my schedule here lately it was pretty adventurous. Honey, TRex, Miller, and I went to Grand Rivers, Kentucky to eat at Patti's 1800's Settlement. All of the waiters and waitresses were dressed to the date, even the workers in the gift shop. It may have more fun if it was warm outside, you can't exactly putt putt golf in the cold. The food was good, the shops were unique and very well overpriced. Considering Miller and I went with the mindset that we were going to be able to do a bit a shopping we weren't 100% satisfied.

After we over ate and consumed much more than the average intake on calories we decided we would head back to Clarksville and get our shopping on. Miller and I both got some super cute heels, not really sure of her designer but mine was Gianni Bini. Black wedges with silver detailing on the toe and 65% off? Uh yes! The boys decides to part ways and take are of some shopping themselves. Upon exiting the mall we looked at the Kardashian collection now being sold at let down. They had a cute purse or two and their jewelry wasn't completely awful but as far as their clothing selection I was not impressed to say the least.

After shopping we called it a day by getting some smoothies and heading back to the house. We just finished watching Friends With Benefits- yes I'm just now seeing it- and I loved it! Now I'm gonna bathe and probably lay in bed and relax.

My Sunday? Not too shabby.

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Saturday, February 18, 2012


what have I been doing for the past few weeks you ask? I've been working like a slave, hitting the gym, and trying to squeeze sleep somewhere in the mix.

We've been having troubles with employees so naturally I'm there to catch the slack. One of our daytime employees put her two week notice in due to moving to Texas. Meanwhile we had been trying to find a solid replacement but two weeks isn't much time to find someone and get them fully trained and up to speed. So while trying to find a day time person we decided to make one of our night crew members, SAB, work days till training was over. SAB was also our meat stripper so it kind of worked out. Minus the fact that all in this process we had two employees start college which limited their work hours and one of them couldn't even work Tuesday and Thursday's. Want to talk about tight scheduling! So if that wasn't enough, SAB being the SAB that she is decides to leave us hanging high and dry in the midst. So now we don't have a day worker for one store, nor a meat stripper, and we have even had to call one of our previous employees that was with us for over 10 years to come in and help us out, thank god she was happy to oblige. To sum things up I've been roughly pulling 50+ hours a week. My day starting at 4 am and ending somewhere around 4pm Monday through Friday. I never get to finally sit down and rest till almost 8 every night and by that point it's time for bed. It's a chore to even shower or try to figure out what's goin to be for dinner.

Other news, Honey and I have started to hunt for our "hopefully in the very near future" home. We really need to head to the bank soon and get prequalified especially with the mortgage rates being at only an astonishing 2%. So if you've ever looked for a house before you know the process is draining. I already know this and I'm just now scratching the surface. So keep me and honey in your prayers!

Also before I wrap this bad boy up I need to add that my Giveaway is still on. I've had it posted for a month now with very few entries. So unless I get a handful more of entries I'm going to trash the giveaway and present it again in a few months. So try to promote it ;) for those of you that havent been around in a while it's a $25 gift card.

Hopefully I will be able to post again soon. Tomorrow Honey, TRex, Miller, and I are going to travel an hour and some to visit this little 1800s settlement. There's a restaurant and gift shops and whatnot so that should be fun. Hope everyone has a great weekend !!

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