Sunday, February 26, 2012

the announcement

Friday evening Honey and I went to dinner with my parents. Yummy meal I might add. So I dont know if I've ever mentioned on my blog or not but my parents have no idea how honey and I actually met. That night, after just being qualified for our future home, I saw the perfect opportunity for me to inform them of how we actually met, a dating website for those of you just now catching on.

We had just received our entrees and I looked up, my parents sitting across from us, and announced, "well now that we are all together as a family I need to tell you something..." my dad turned ghost white, a shot of panick crossed my mothers blushed cheeks, and Honey dropped his fork on his plate and lowered his head. At first I was confused as what was going through all three of their heads and then I realized and quickly announced..."oh my gah! I'm not pregnant!!" immediately all the tension that was hovering over the table, I'm talking enough tension that could potentially smother some one, lifted. Everyone finally started breathing again and we laughed it off.

Just like I had imagined how my mothers reaction would be to me finding my soulmate on the Internet she responded, "if I knew I would've never let you leave the house! You could've been killed!..." This is exactly why I waited to tell her.

In the end I think everyone was still focusing on the fact that they thought I was pregnant. Boy I didn't see that happening.

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  1. hahaha this is a cute story and I'm glad you finally got to tell them how you guys met. I also think dating sites are pretty awesome, and smart if you ask me. If my sweetheart and I ever end things between us, I honestly think I may try one. :):) Happy Sunday!

  2. So funny they all thought you were pregnant!!

  3. Haha at least the pregnancy scare made them take the news better.
    I'm all for online dating. That's where I met the new boy and he's pretty much amazing.

  4. Haha! :) Oh my gosh! Love it! I'm glad they seemed to take it well :)

    There is nothing wrong with online dating...people abuse it and use it for the wrong reasons, but for the most part, look at all the good it brings!



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