Friday, January 1, 2010

About Me

Behind The Name
Haley Alexandria
My fathers middle name is my first name-Haley. My middle name was chosen because my mom found it to sound extremely elegant-Alexandria. My last name was originally much longer, however my dads side of the family is Italian, so upon moving to America our name was cut off in order to blend in with the American-sounding last names.

My Geology
The first seventeen years of my life took place in Hendersonville, TN; a city where everyone knew everything about everybody. I later moved to Clarksville,Tn for my dads job; it's an army based town with not much going on yet much bigger than Hendersonville. As soon as it was time to start planning for my future I knew I wanted to go to college somewhere that was no where close to Clarksville, yet close enough for in-state tuition. I studied for my degree for two years at a college in Chattanooga, TN. Upon finding out that my sister was pregnant, I made the ultimate choice of leaving school and coming home. Meanwhile, I took over my sisters position at our dad's business while she took maturnity leave. I will be returning to school as soon as I decide where I want to continue my education. I made the decision to come home because for one, I really didn't know what I wanted to do 'when I grow up' and I wanted to take the time to decide before wasting away any more tuition money; and two since my sister was pregnant and then gave birth, I also wanted to be closer to my nephew so I could be a part of his life. So for now I will be remaining close to home in order to be close to family. I have found that Tennessee is a great place to grow up and learn the true meaning of traditions and morals.

My Family
Family to me means absolutely everything. I am so close to both of my parents it's not even funny. Many of times people have told us and made little comments that maybe we're too close. My mom is my absolute best friend in the entire world. She is the one person that understands me to the fullest. Sometimes I think she actually knows me better then I know my ownself. On the otherhand, my sister is the biggest daddy's girl known to man. In late November of 2009 my sister gave birth to my first nephew and my parents first grandchild. He means the absolute world to us and if I didn't know any better, I would truly believe that I gave birth to him. I have two uncles, one of which I see quite a bit in the summer especially when we have our little pool gatherings. The other I have no relationship with, by choice... a matter not to be discussed. Both sets of grandparents are divorced. My dads mom is remarried but I don't see her husband much, my dads dad is still single. My moms mom remarried and divorced but still to this day I claim him as a biological grandfather and no one could convince me other wise (after all he was actually the closest thing I had ever had to a grandpa while growing up). My moms dad has remarried but lives in a different state. Basically when it comes down to claiming family, my parents, sister, nephew, brother-in-law, and moms brother are really all I have. And I am a'okay with that.

My Career
I currently haven't established a "career" quite yet. I am still in the process. Right now I'm living at home and working for my dad. In the fall or next spring (depending on the school I choose) I plan on going to school in order to get my degree in Education. I really would love to teach K-5th grade. That to me is pretty ideal. Until then, I will continue working for my dad and saving as much money as possible. Hopefully in a few years I can update this and say that I am a certified Elementary school teacher. :]

My Other Half
I am currently single and do not have a boyfriend. I am really in no rush considering I am only in my 20's. Hopefully one day I will meet my 'one', til then I will continue to embrace the single life. :}

My Baby Bumbles
As far as human beings go, I have no children. However I do have two super cute furbabies that I absolutely ADORE. I have a shih-tzu named Bootie and a yorkshire terrior -mini- named Finley.

Digging A Little Deeper
I am a very laid back person. I am a fun, creative, passionate, loving, comical, random, organizational, quirky, meat-eating, book reading, music listening, movie watching, coffee drinking, nap taking, person watching, deep conversationalizing, over analytical, makeup wearing, fashion loving, socializing, crazy diva. I have multiple layers to my being and I cannot stand for people to diminish it to just one by judging me. Coffee and naps are pretty much my forte. I love to take random pictures, write in my journal, blog about life as I know it, play on, and just have fun and love life. You could say I'm a girly girl but don't let the make-up, freshly painted toenails, and stilletos fool you... I'm not afraid to get down and dirty. I love rock wall climbing, digging in the dirt (planting flowers), zip-lining, riding my bike, working out, camping, fishing, being on the lake, walking in the park, and going on picnics. Before I die I want to try sky diving and bungee jumping. I just love anything adrenalin related really :) I'm a little kid at heart yet I'm an old woman as well and somehow i'm only in my 20s and i'm experiencing both :)

If you want to know more, feel free to e-mail me at:
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