Friday, January 29, 2010

A Diva Ranting

I'm so tired I feel like my eyes are rolling in the back of my head, eh not cute. However I feel the need to post so here it is, for all of those people out there reading my blog that do not really exist.

I went to put up my laundry today and I realized I have a few stray socks with no mates. Now general rule of thumb I would suspect that my washer or dryer was eating them but in this case I think something else is to blame. My bed. Yes, my bed is whom I blame for my one lonely sock that now must be thrown in the little basket of all other unmatchable socks. Let's elaborate! I cannot stand to be hot while trying to fall asleep, however if my feet are cold all hell will break loose. So I always start out wearing socks when I go to bed but in my sleep I either take them off or they magically fall off because every morning I wake up sockless. So my morning routine is to try to find my two socks. Sometimes two are found, other times one is lost. Needless to say everytime I go to do my laundry I always try to check my bed to see if maybe just maybe that one little sock will show up. It hardly ever does. Oh what's a girl to do.

On another note, I just watched Oprah where she interviewed Jay Leno. I am one pissed viewer. Not only did Oprah make many low-blow comments but she was repeatitive throughout the entire interview. When Leno asked Oprah if her view had changed of him she responded as if she were completely on his side however throughout the entire interview it was like she was constantly trying to throw him under the bus. Regarding the whole O'Brien v. Leno controversy I have tried to sit in both chairs. I have tried to see what team O'Brien's POV is and I have tried the same with Leno. This was my conclusion: Oprah kept asking Leno if he felt selfish, did he think what he did was selfish, etc etc. In all honesty I feel that it's Connan O'Brien that is being the selfish one. Everyone keeps asking 'how can Leno take the show from CB and ruin his dream?' um hello audience, let's rewind shall we? CB took The Tonight Show away from JL in the first place. JL was #1 when CB took his show away and by doing that the ratings fell by 49% hello!?! why would they not give the show back to JAY LENO!? Sure JL's The Jay Leno Show's ratings fell by 14% but it was also presented during a different time slot and wasn't exactly the best lead in for the news. Everyone knew that. But Conan O'Brien just completely {scuse my french} fucked up The Tonight Show and SUCKED! end conclusion. So obviously I'm a Leno fan and the sad thing is is I never watched either one of them till the controversy struck up and after seeing the two sides presented my only thought is is that the tabloids totally blew this one outta the water and made it a much bigger deal then needed be. It's not Leno's fault O'Brien sucked. It's not Leno's fault that he did better on TTS then O'Brien did. If you ask me Conan O'Brien is a spoiled little rich Harvard bitch that has spent his life getting his way and when something doesn't go his way he cries... just like a bitch.

ok seriously, end rant. :]

The weather outside is crazy. Seriously, I woke up this morning pissed as hell because there wasn't a single snowflake in site unlike our wonderful middle tennessee meteorologists promised. Um, no when it did start to snow 10 minutes into it the ground was totally covered. We're expected 10in by noon tomorrow. Oh and this makes me ever so excited to be at work by 7am. Blah.

Anyways, speaking of work I should probably head to bed considering 7am is going to come SUPER early. xo's!

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