Wednesday, December 28, 2011

butt loads

...of laundry and what nots...

I didn't go anywhere don't worry. because I know you were losing sleep over it.

I've been a busy bee, no pun intended, as most are during the holidays. Well sure holidays are over (minus new years) but now that all the glitter and sparkles are being put away I'm left with a massive load of laundry, dust, and plenty of ruckus- needless to say I had a girl quit/get fired yesterday so now I'm dealing with that jazz. So my next post will be filled with amazingness including my fore mentioned giveaway oh yesss! I didn't forget about that!

However I will inform you that I took off early from work today in order to do laundry and clean, yet the day was too short to tackle everything I wanted to. So as soon as I get back on top of things, later this week maybe tomorrow if I can get my shit straight, I will post something magical. By magical I mean it will be filled with catch up, Christmas goodies, and my giveaway. Maybe that's combining too much into one post? Hehe we will see.

How was your holidays?

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Saturday, December 24, 2011

my santa is good

First and foremost, my Honey is just too good to me! Last night we decided to exchange Christmas presents being that today we have a full schedule and tomorrow we do as well. So it just sort of made sense to do it last night since I wanted it to be an intimate moment between him and I. What? It's our FIRST Christmas celebrated together!!

My present to him: a new electric razor-he dropped and broke his at the Bike Rally this past summer so I hooked him up with a new one so he could trash the ghetto-rigged one. Also PJ pants-he's just as peculiar as I am, all the way down to his PJs. So when stumbling upon the only type of pj pants he will wear I snagged em! (in hopes that he will retire The Simpsons pjs he's been rocking since we got together). Last but not least I bought him a deep tissue massage at one of our local spas. It's all hes been talking about lately (he's a weight lifter) so I totally pulled that one out of the bag and surprised him. ;)

His present to me: um, lets just say it TOTALLY puts mine to shame. If you have followed me for any time at all then you know all about the dinosaur of a computer I own. Ya know, the one that won't even charge unless you have the cord laying just right? Needless to say it didn't even hold enough GHZ for me to be able to play my beloved game that I had waited months for it to come out only to be devastated. Well Honey, my sweet sweet Honey, decided to hook me up with a new laptop. He's the best :)

Well I have a jammed pack day so I have to go now. Hope everyone has awesome holidays!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

what I'm loving Wednesday

It has been quite some time since I last linked up with a bandwagon so I feel a little past due. With not much else on my mind other than that night I figure why not! So here I am linking up with Jamie for What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I'm loving that there's only four days left till Christmas! That means only three days left till Honey and I switch presents! I love presents :) Eh hem, speaking of.. I'm loving that I already have all my shopping AND wrapping completed!! Score, boss!

At work we had a ballin' ass lunch along with a ballin' ass total for the entire day! Being that it's winter business comes to a halt so to see a big turn out is pretty darn exciting. I know, I may be too invested into work...

This morning I almost decided to forego weighing in. I've been super stressed and I skipped a day at the gym last week so I knew I had to have gained a pound(s) rather than losing. I grew some balls (don't worry they fell off shortly after) and weighed in. I've reached 11lbs lost!! Oh I'm loving it for sure!

Might I just add that I am loving my family and friends. Seriously, they are the effing best. I would be crazy if I thought otherwise.

So what are you loving?

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

brighter spirits

Today has been relatively better than the last couple, I'm now in a rental car so it helps take away some of the constant reminders. Unfortunately I saw his picture, one I thought I would feel better once I could put a face to it but now I wish I never had. His family and friends are still in my prayers as well as the people that witnessed it due to the trauma. However I don't want to let this ruin my Christmas spirit, everything happens for a reason. I've been keeping myself busy to occupy my mind so with that being sai I thought I would try to do a fun little Christmas wish list.

Nars pressed blush. Color: Orgasm. It's a beautiful peach color with small gold specks to give a subtle glow. Ah! Love!

2012 Dodge Journey. This is what I'm currently driving as my rental. Obviously it has several upgrades such as Sirius radio along with a touch screen, but overall it's a great car with tons of storage and convenience especially starting brand new at $18,991. Just saying.

MacBook Pro. I mean um hello! It's gorgeous and amazing. At this point I would love to have a new computer regardless if it's a pricey Mac. My current laptop doesn't even have the ghz that is required to play a game I purchased and anxiously awaited for for months! Might I add the cd insert is missing its faceplate that randomly decided to fall off, the charging cord has to sit just right in order to keep the computer even on thus meanin it takes several minutes/hours just to attempt a single use out of it. Along with its slowness I could name off a million other things I dislike about my dinosaur of a laptop. ---no really, it's also bulky.

Keurig. Yessss please! A single cup of coffee is made my the time I get done taking my morning pee...what more can you ask for? No measuring coffee grinds, no clean a coffee stained pot, and very little maintenance...need I say more?

not pictured:
Ugg boots
Ottorbox-iPhone 4
Pearl earrings
MAC Eyeshadows-any color I love them ALL!
Victoria Secrets new "yoga" line.
A teacup yorkie or Australian sheppard mini.
Casserole dish with carrying case. For my future house of course.
The missing books from my Ellen Hopkins series
The Twilight saga DVDs. Yes I am absen from owning any but seen them all.
A quiet night for Honey and I (ya know jacuzzi suite and what not ;) )
A tree that grows money. If I come across one I'll inform you where to purchase it at ;)
A Bluetooth keyboard case for my iPad
A blender
A house. Oh what? Too much to ask for? sigh.

I could go on with some ridiculous wants but I'll stop there. This Christmas is not about presents, nor has it ever been before but emphasis on this Christmas due to circumstances of events, but more of spending time with my family and showing love. Honey's family has been extremely supportive the past couple of days and if I didn't feel it before I definitely feel apart of the family now. I couldn't ask for better future in laws. They are so amazing and loving and every sense of the words. I couldn't possibly asked to be surrounded by better people- my family, his, and friends.

If I'm not back before Christmas which I surely hope that I am, I hope everyone has the best Christmas possible. Love you guys!

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Sunday, December 18, 2011

a deathly experience

I don't know how to start this blog post off and I doubt there could be any right way to do so. I will tell you this, I do not know how available I'm going to be over the next week or so- mentally or physically. Last night was possibly one of the worst experiences that someone could go through.

We went downtown to celebrate my birthday. Needless to say the place we chose was a sorry excuse for a club so we basically sat there and stared at each other all night. Not quite eventful to say the least. We finally decided to leave around 1:45 or so to head home, I'm not quite sure of the exact time because everything seems so fuzzy looking back now. Honey was driving me and two of my friends home when all of a sudden the car in front of us swerved and Miller was screaming "stop the car there's a man!!". It was too late. We didn't see the man at first because the other car had blocked him. We hit the man while slamming on our breaks and trying to move over to the side, you can't avoid hitting someone when they run into your car instead of away from it. As his body hit the windshield panic set in. we just killed someone. Honey got out, I called 911, by the time I got them on the phone I was panicked and couldn't speak Honey came back over and took care of the phone call. The ambulance arrived and he still had a pulse and breathing. Long story short three hours, hyperventilation, panic attack, and a multitude of tears and questions answered we got to go home with the knowledge that the man passed away in the hospital.

This morning I woke up with an hour and a half of sleep and my heart is still weak. My prayers have been nonstop and my thoughts are endless. The news announced at 5 o'clock that the man had been drinking. I understand there is nothing that we could have done, we werent doing anything illegal and there was no foul play but my heart still hurts for his family.

My giveaway is going to have to hold off. Hopefully I will be back to myself soon. For now I'm spaced out as well as tired from the lack of sleep. Please be praying for this mans family and if you don't pray, then do whatever it is that you do.

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Friday, December 16, 2011

Birthday babble and giveaway

Haha, via google images...too good not to share.

Any who! Being that it's my birthday I feel the need to make a fun post. Also in celebration of my birthday, that unfortunately is often overlooked due to being so close to Christmas, I'm going to be hosting a giveaway so stay tuned for details on that tidbit coming up. hopefully it's better than my last giveaway, the one where I had an astonishing 1 person enter. Yes, just one.

The Remembrance
-Remember when you use to call your local radio station to request a song? You know, before you could get on YouTube or other one touch resources to hear it?
-Remember when you use to plan out your outfits a day ahead so you could look cute going through your high school doors?
-Remember when staying up late was 3am, unlike now late for me is 11pm.
-Remember when you couldn't wait for Friday so you could go to "the spot". The spot being where all you and your friends met up and hung out, mine in HVille was the movie theatre.
-Remember when your grandmother buying you a bad sweater was the epitome of devastation?
-Remember when a bad hair day could make your whole day bad?

The Knowledge
-In my 23 years of existence I have learned... that life is a bitch unless you make it your bitch.
-In my 23 years of existence I have learned... that patience truly is a virtue.
-In my 23 years of existence I have learned...that 99.9% of the time, my mom actually was right.
-In my 23 years of existence I have learned...friends may come and go but family is forever
-In my 23 years of existence I have not reflect on the past too often. Live in the present because thats the only way to work towards a future.
-In my 23 years of existence I have learned...that I will never lose weigh by dieting, the only way to lose weight is by a lifestyle change.
-In my 23 years of existence I have not be ashamed, embarrassed, or envious of other when it comes to who I am. There will always be someone with worse makeup, hair, style, personality, weight, social skills, and bad jokes among other things than me.

The Accomplished
- In 23 years I have accomplished... Meeting the reality of my depression.
- In 23 years I have accomplished... Attending college and gaining the experience
- In 23 years I have accomplished... Falling in love
- In 23 years I have accomplished...creating a blog and meeting several people who have made an impact on my life
- In 23 years I have accomplished...buying my own vehicle
- In 23 years I have accomplished...starting a career that I thoroughly enjoy, regardless of struggles I encounter on my journey to the top.

The Future
-In the past 23 years I have not yet but plan to...get married
-In the past 23 years I have not yet but plan a house
-In the past 23 years I have not yet but plan to...own my own dog
-In the past 23 years I have not yet but plan to...start a family, even if it consists of me, the hubs, and our four legged fur baby.

Today I turned 23. Twenty-three years ago if it had not been for the doctor standing there when the nurse said "push" I would've hit the ground. (yeah, I was pretty excited about being introduced to the world...might as well make my grand intro with a bang!) I would like to thank my parents for fornicating 23 years and nine months ago. Unfortunately while I was in the oven I did some damage to my moms boobs, which later in life I apologized for. At least it was repairable, a thanks goes out to the doc who cleared my mom from "rocks in socks" and made her a milf.

Let my existence be proof that good things do come from having hot sex. HA!

Stay tuned for my giveaway, you'll wanna punch yourself in the forehead if ya miss it. ;)

Thursday, December 15, 2011

trash the peas

I enjoy doing Mama Kat's weekly prompts but I don't do them on a weekly basis. I tend to have other things to post about or there's topics not really relating to myself/life ie. motherhood, kids, get the gist. This week I'm going with...drum rollll please....

"your less favorite meal growing up"
Now I'm going to start this off by saying The Queen Bee is a beyond fabulous cook and baker. Being the spoiled blessed child that I was Queen always tried to incorporate something everyone at the dinner table was a fan of. So though I cannot choose a particular meal per se, I did decide to choose the new years day tradition that I fucking DESPISE!

Queen is a bit superstitious so every new years day you better believe she is shoveling a spoonful of black eyed peas on this pretty little mouth of mine! Yuckkkk!! It's suppose to guarantee you a good year but considering I've previously had some less than amazing years under my belt I don't believe in it AT ALL. And if that could get me out of the peas I would be more than grateful but it never works.

Any new years day traditions that you hate yet still take part in?

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

moment of truth

So you're probably thinking wow two posts in a day? Yeah I know. I'm not trying to make up for the past days missed, I just feel the need to write and I don't have a paper journal on me at the moment, so deal.

I'm having one of those days. Those days where you're completely down and out and want to give up on everything you've been working towards. As fore mentioned I've been trying to lose weight. I understand every weigh in isn't going to be magical but to have gained a half pound in the last week on top of the other thing that has me in the pits kind of makes me want to say fuck it all together.

Moment of truth? Yeah I'm totally tempted to go get some greasy pizza and say fuck the gym. I'm not in the mood to be surrounded by girls who already know what the hell is going on in Zumba for me to continuously trip over my feet in the back row. Yeah for the most part, since I've been more than a handful of times, I know what's going on. I just need to practice my footwork. However I'm not in the mood.

I'm not going to post about what has me down because I'm not really in the mood to admit it even to myself. Last night I cried myself to sleep, this morning I was angry about it, and now I'm just ready to crawl in bed and cry because I simply feel like I have failed.

To others it may have not meant much but to me it was a huge kick in the gut. With that being said I'm going to go make a healthy choice of dinner yet skip the gym.

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The challenge

Oh shocking, I haven't posted since Saturday! Don't worry I'm not going anywhere, I've just been busy and what not.

Nevertheless Monday I decided to take on a challenge, actually it was Friday of last week but I started on Monday. Back in February Summer over at Le Musings of Moi (super cute blog btw) introduced a challenge to take on. Though I initially planned to jump on the bandwagon I never did. Now not only am I jumpin on it but I also introduced it to my employees and we are all challenging myself. Talk about people to help hold you accountable! You can read more about this challenge here.

Day one of "21 Days to a Better You" is to give up something for 21 days ready for the shocker? I gave up coffee, and yes now I want it more than ever but I am committing! Day two was focused on kindness, which was yesterday, and it challenges you to do a random act of kindness for your family or friends. Bee has been having a rough time lately so I wrote her a note along with handing her a small present. I didn't stop there though. Last night I joined my mom on going to a Scentsy party which I actually ended up enjoying.

Then there's today. Today we are focusing on counting our blessings. Which is possibly a good thing since I didn't have the best of night last night which has carried over to this morning.

Check out the full list of challenges.

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Saturday, December 10, 2011

driving to the future

I've never really thought about my future, I mean sure I've thought about a future hubby and maybe some tots, but as far as expenses go for the past 22 years there was no real reason or drive there for me to do so. I had been single and really never thought I would find someone worth settling down with for several years, I would probably be in my thirties, so I've been living as a free bird. Maybe it was irresponsible to not be saving money all along for my future; when it comes down to it, I'm not a huge thinker on the "what-ifs" or "what could be's". In reality all along I've trained myself to not look towards the future but to stay in the present. The future generally scared the hell out of me: what if I'm that single old cat woman? What if I live with my parents till I'm 40? Oh the responsibility of growing up.

Here I am looking towards the future. Aside from all the anxiety that has been taking place, I'm forcing myself to look down the road and mixing the present with the future: what do I need to do now to get where I want to be then? If I could change one thing about my past it would be that I was more responsible with my money. I wish I would have learned about a savings account earlier on, and upon retrieving the knowledge I wish I would have taken it more seriously in reference to my future. Yet that's where I am at now.

via google images

Its that point in mine and Honey's relationship where we need to start thinking, planning, saving towards what we want a little ways down the road. We mutually agree that we prefer to save money for a house rather than renting. After sitting down and budgeting out all of my necessary expenses ie. car payment, car insurance, life insurance, gas etc. I realize now how much easier saving money would be if I would've saved all along and had a jump start. I'm starting at square one and if I want to get any sort of down payment for a house within the next six months-year I'm going to have to start crunching my spending. I'm going to have to opt out on the expensive shampoo I love so much and opt in for the one that may be just as good yet cheaper. In the end, if my car was paid off I would have much more room in my budget but its not due to be paid off till 2015. Which I plan on looking into refinancing maybe getting the payments down due to all the extra money vie already put towards it.

I've had so much anxiety over buying a house lately it's not even funny. When I look into all the costs that we will have to dish out it's almost nauseating. Can Honey and I do it? Of course we can. Its just going to take some time, planning, saving, and dedication.

I've never wanted something so bad in my life and I'm at that point where I will do anything and everything to get where I want to be. So goodbye my expensive makeup, goodbye my random shopping sprees, goodbye my love for iTunes. In the end, I know saving for a down payment will be worth it and now I finally have the drive and dedication to do it.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Guest Post: Mogo

If you didn't read Sunday's post, you might want to head back there and then read the posts between now and then. Just to catch up on what this week is about. ;)

So as a specialty, and to switch things up a bit because I'm sure you're bored with me loving me talking about Honey and all the mush n gush, I have asked my friend Mogo to share her love story.

Meet Mogo, a coworker and friend, and her beau Manny.

August 21, 2009 I decided to head to a party where I met up with some friends. I was only 18 and as it would be at any party there was lots of drinking goin on. A female cop showed up as well as backup. One of these cops was Manny. After trying to bribe my way out of an underage drinking charge he told me there was nothing he could do about it because he was not the initial cop to the scene.

Time passed without seeing him or anything of the sort. In May 2010 my friend asked me to go to a carnival with her new boy toy and some guy he was bringing. Turns out, it was the cop Manny. After a long night of fun we exchanged numbers.

On May 17th of that same year he asked me to join him in a peaceful night at home watching movies and hanging out. By this point we were officially dating. After a while of dating, understatement because it was months, I decided to give him till October 20th to decide I he wanted to make me his girl friend. I figured if he didn't know by then, then it wasn't worth me sticking around for. On the 20th we finally made it official, we were a couple.

Surprisingly I learned that I was pregnant December 19th and my baby boy was born on August 24, 2011. Though it came unexpected it brought us closer as a couple. I realized I was in love with him the first time I ever saw him hold our son. Though our meeting was quite unordinary I wouldn't change anything. I have my happy little family under one roof and that's all I need.
Ahh! Their story is precious, yet sort of funny hehe. I would love to hear more of ya'lls stories. I'm planning on having another guest post this week so if you're interested email me!

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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Love: a list

If you didn't read Sunday's post, you might want to head back there and then read the posts between now and then. Just to catch up on what this week is about. ;)

There are so many things that I absolutely love about Honey, don't get me wrong there are many things that are less than awesome about him...such as his dirty dishes. I've decided to share some of the things that I absolutely love about him. (yea I know...mushy gushy)

1. His ability to make me laugh uncontrollably.
2. His child like ways- watching cartoons, getting excited about the latest Marvel related movie.
3. His hard work and dedication. He has a drive like no other.
4. His love he has for family and God.
5. His patience he has with me. I'm a diva therefore not the easiest to handle.
6. His kind heart and willingness to help others (which people often abuse this)
7. His love and support that he gives me. He is so supportive of me in so many ways.
8. His random acts of love. He doesn't always give me surprises or flowers but when he does it comes so unexpected and means more than anything.
9. Though he doesn't always listen, when he does he truly listens and pays attention to every small detail. --surprising me later with acknowledging it.
10. The way he knows when I'm in an uncomfortable situation (like the time I met his high school sweet heart that he had problems gettin over until he was 26) he gives me this look of reassurance that solves everything.

I'll stop at ten because I could go on forever. What are some of the things about your man that drives you wild, you love, or generally attracted you to him in the first place?

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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Fate

If you didn't read Sunday's post, you might want to head back there and then read the posts between now and then. Just to catch up on what this week is about. ;)

Honey & I at our second football game together.

fate: Noun:
The development of events outside a person's control, regarded as determined by a supernatural power by God.

The turn of events leading up to mine and Honey's meeting is almost funny looking back. Obviously my 'episode' was not.
Event #1
You see Halloween of 2010 I was "talking" to a guy that really seemed to be going no where but still needed a date for my Halloween party. We showed up at one of my best friends house and were informed that unlike most years many people didn't show up. Needless to say it was still a good time.
Event #2:
Same best friend invited me to her moms birthday party that was being held at her BIL's land. I decided not to go because I didn't know many people but her and her family.
Event #3:
This isn't a specific event but numerous times same friend asked me to come to her pool parties. Never failed, I always had something to do or she caught me on a fat day where I didn't feel like exposing my love in a bikini.

So I pull up to Honey's house to go on our first date, the football game. When I pulled in there was a huge trailer with the words "---- Concrete" parked in his culdesac. Honey got in the car and to start small talk I informed him that one of my best friends brother in law owned ---- Concrete. He looked at me funny and replied something along the lines of "that's funny my best friend/roommates brother owns that" EXCUSE ME SAY WHAT!? My best friends sister is married to his best friends brother? Holy cow! That halloween party fore mention, Honey decided to go to DTown instead. Those pool parties never attended, Honey attended. That birthday party I declined, that had not quite arrived yet, Honey was attending (later deciding I would go as his date).

Funny story: best friends mom was totally freaked out. She had always considered him as a son and me as a daughter and here we are of a dating website.

Summer 2010: Honey finally came to terms with a past relationship being over, thus meaning he could finally move on.

By December 2010:
I had finally figured out what I wanted from a relationship and was no longer going to settle like once before.

If he would've been at that Halloween party, chances are we would've never started dating unless God planned our fate otherwise. I was with someone else at the party and at that point I was just looking to have fun. If we would've originally met in person it would've taken a lot more effort for us to be together. Just like I told him, I probably would've never initiated conversation with him because his look is extremely intimidating, um bald head and big muscles...he seems kinda scary.

There are many ways that him and I could've met yet never did. I call it fate.

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Monday, December 5, 2011

The decision

If you have not read yesterday's post, I suggest you go do that now before you get lost and confused as to what the heck is going on.

As previously noted, I made a decision. One that we will get to. Seeing that I was going to be going away for a month due to an overload of stress, my mothers and my relationship completely taking a turn for the worse, almost being kicked out of my house, weeks filled with suicidal thoughts... I knew I needed to get things sorted out. After going through my list of assortments I finally came down to the dating website. It was time for me to delete my account, it was obvious that I had not and would not meet my Prince was apparent that he had been hit by a bus. Right before I deleted my account I stumbled upon the one profile that had continuously popped up on my "top matches". A profile that I gritted my teeth at because I already had the idea that it wasn't Him. I was bored, I decided to check the profile out, oh my God, enter life change.

(you can read more about this here)

I sent him a message, we chatted it up, changed numbers, I thought he was just going to be another failure. Through the text messages he seemed like he would be my type, I even got the weird butterfly feeling in my I couldn't explain.

A friend and I were suppose to go to a Titan's game the following weekend (Sunday) and Saturday she told me she couldn't go and that I should take Boy. Hesitant I text another friend to get reassurance that this is what I should do followed by a text to Boy asking him to go. At first he said he couldn't because he had to go to his little cousins birthday party (major let down) and then before I could text back he sent another text saying "My roommate said I was gay if I didn't go, so I guess I'll be meeting you tomorrow". The hours leading up I was nervous as HELL! More nervous than I had ever been on any other date, including the ones from the website that failed miserably. I picked him up from his house because I didn't want him to know where I lived. He gets in the car and my word! He's bald!! Instant turn on. (don't ask...) We chatted the whole hour drive back and forth from the game. Had our first kiss at the game. One that left me lightheaded and a little uneasy.

After leaving his house and getting in my car it hit my like a ton of bricks. I'm going to marry that man one day. He was going to be mine and I knew it. My plans completely changed. I was on an adventure that I didn't want to end, and to this day I'm still on that adventure. That boy with the mysterious profile that continued to pop up was Honey. I knew I would love him then, I never knew just how much.

A year ago from today I met my soulmate. I met the man that changed my world, changed my views on life, changed my plans, changed the way I love. I never knew I could love someone so much. Though we're not engaged nor married we have often talked about it. It's just about timing just like meeting him was.

This week will be filled with all of the goodness that surrounded us finding each other.

Stay tuned...;)

Sunday, December 4, 2011

a road to crisis vs. change

via google images

Exactly a year ago from today marks the day my whole life changed. A ray of sunshine peeked through my clouds, I came to several realizations, my road took a turn. Now you may be wondering what is up with the picture right above the text, I've never gone into full out detail about a major part of my life...some call it an illness, some call it a disorder, some call it a disease. Call it what you will. I suffer from have depression. I was diagnosed my freshman year with clinical depression and seasonal depression and was borderline major and bipolar. Last year at this time I was in my lowest of low. Hence "seasonal" depression, I was with the majority of being depressed during winter time unlike the minority being summer. I had gone as far as making phone calls to inpatient treatment facilities and making plans as to when I should go and who was taking me. I basically had everything mapped out. I was planning to go for a month or so, clear my head, get a lot of my chest, figure out who I am and where I'm going. Some may refer to it as the "looney-bin" I assure you, its nothing of the sort. Unless you're in the critical unit, you're not going to be seeing any straight jackets. They offer therapists and help you figure things out so on, so forth. Bottom line, I knew I needed help. I held off for a few days after making my plans, actually a few weeks due to work related instances where I knew I couldn't just disappear.

Within those weeks I had made a decision. A decision that would change my life forever.

That decision? Will be revealed Monday December 5th.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Christmas 25 days early

So the juicy post I had originally planned is going to have to wait because I'm not much up for writing it tonight. Instead, I'm going to show you the Christmas gifts that Santa dropped off early for me (actually, I believe God was working in my favor...). I have scored some great buys this week and by "great buys" I'm not just speaking in terms of monetary value I'm also speaking in terms of items that succeeded in awesomeness.

Today I purchased Olay's in-shower body lotion. Lemme tell you, I wish I had a whole pool full of this just to roll around in! It is fabuloussss! After I showered I didn't want to put clothes on I wanted to roll around in silk sheets nakie because my skin was oh-so-soft!

Also today, Honey and I visited GNC where I planned on buying some pre workout however came across this bad boy instead. I'm going to continue using Honey's pwo hehe and start using this as a post workout or for when I'm hungry but about to head to the gym so I can't eat much. Okay so why is this on the list? Um originally it was $30+ dollars, BAM! Sale for only $7.99 say what? Oh no it doesn't stop there. Honey used his gold membership card and it ended up only costing approximately four bucks. Total win! Needless to say I got a "shortie" shaker in pink! (It's to put the protein powder in and fill with water, it comes with a metal ball that helps mix it up. why shortie? Because it's half the size of a normal shaker)

Okay so technically I didn't pay for these, Honey ended up making it an addition to the already $210 dollars spent on me for my birthday. (What? I'm not called the Diva Bee for nothing! ) If you've never heard of the "Eat This Not That!" series, I seriously suggest you look into it. Its not just a "diet" book. Actually if you look in the center of the red book and the top of the yellow, it clearly says "no diet weight loss solutions". It has everything from fast food restaurants to sit down restaurants. At each one it gives you the "healthier" choice. Believe it or not, it even suggests a Jr. Whopper at burger king versus other choices. It suggests grocery alternatives as well such as instead of wheat thins buy triscuits...this cereal over that cereal... mainly suggesting stuff that tastes basically the same but yet saves you the love handles. (If I haven't convinced you enough, it includes what you should look for on dining out menus to alert you whether it's a healthy choice or not)

Last but not least, my gas receipt. Here in TN gas is outrageous. I will admit it has dropped from it's four dollar range to a three dollar range but still, what happened to the days where you could put a dollar in your gas tank, not that I ever got to experience those days...just saying. So at Krogers, a grocery store mainly located in the south has a "Krogers plus card" deal where you can scan your card and get deals. Recently they came out with an iPhone app where you can download coupons directly to your card and when you scan it at the grocery it automatically takes said deal off. Well in addition to this, I feel like I need to explain for those none Kroger shoppers, they have fuel points. So when you scan your card even if you're not getting a deal it puts points on your account to go towards gas. Everyone has been astonished at how much I've saved on gas 10-30¢. Well Thursday night I went and got gas and ended up paying $2.67 a gallon VS 3.27 a gallon. Woopwoop!! Normally it takes about $45 to fill my Honda Element up but not this time! What's up $35 dollas!

My week? Yeah I cant complain. What about yours?

Friday, December 2, 2011

don't read and drive

I was totally going to make an awesome blog post today however time slipped away. After work, the gym, and dinner I started catching up on some blog reads which resulted in me getting somewhat sleepy. I was suppose to be even going out tonight but instead I'm staying in going to bed like an old woman and catching the gym and errands tomorrow. So to keep this short and sweet so I atleast don't feel bad about being absent the past couple of days I'll leave you with this...

No, your eyes are not tricking you. That is a woman reading a freaking magazine while driving. Seriously!? Was the magazine that important?

Be back tomorrow with some juiciness or something like that! Good night lovelies!

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