Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Fate

If you didn't read Sunday's post, you might want to head back there and then read the posts between now and then. Just to catch up on what this week is about. ;)

Honey & I at our second football game together.

fate: Noun:
The development of events outside a person's control, regarded as determined by a supernatural power by God.

The turn of events leading up to mine and Honey's meeting is almost funny looking back. Obviously my 'episode' was not.
Event #1
You see Halloween of 2010 I was "talking" to a guy that really seemed to be going no where but still needed a date for my Halloween party. We showed up at one of my best friends house and were informed that unlike most years many people didn't show up. Needless to say it was still a good time.
Event #2:
Same best friend invited me to her moms birthday party that was being held at her BIL's land. I decided not to go because I didn't know many people but her and her family.
Event #3:
This isn't a specific event but numerous times same friend asked me to come to her pool parties. Never failed, I always had something to do or she caught me on a fat day where I didn't feel like exposing my love in a bikini.

So I pull up to Honey's house to go on our first date, the football game. When I pulled in there was a huge trailer with the words "---- Concrete" parked in his culdesac. Honey got in the car and to start small talk I informed him that one of my best friends brother in law owned ---- Concrete. He looked at me funny and replied something along the lines of "that's funny my best friend/roommates brother owns that" EXCUSE ME SAY WHAT!? My best friends sister is married to his best friends brother? Holy cow! That halloween party fore mention, Honey decided to go to DTown instead. Those pool parties never attended, Honey attended. That birthday party I declined, that had not quite arrived yet, Honey was attending (later deciding I would go as his date).

Funny story: best friends mom was totally freaked out. She had always considered him as a son and me as a daughter and here we are dating...off of a dating website.

Summer 2010: Honey finally came to terms with a past relationship being over, thus meaning he could finally move on.

By December 2010:
I had finally figured out what I wanted from a relationship and was no longer going to settle like once before.

If he would've been at that Halloween party, chances are we would've never started dating unless God planned our fate otherwise. I was with someone else at the party and at that point I was just looking to have fun. If we would've originally met in person it would've taken a lot more effort for us to be together. Just like I told him, I probably would've never initiated conversation with him because his look is extremely intimidating, um bald head and big muscles...he seems kinda scary.

There are many ways that him and I could've met yet never did. I call it fate.

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