Tuesday, December 20, 2011

brighter spirits

Today has been relatively better than the last couple, I'm now in a rental car so it helps take away some of the constant reminders. Unfortunately I saw his picture, one I thought I would feel better once I could put a face to it but now I wish I never had. His family and friends are still in my prayers as well as the people that witnessed it due to the trauma. However I don't want to let this ruin my Christmas spirit, everything happens for a reason. I've been keeping myself busy to occupy my mind so with that being sai I thought I would try to do a fun little Christmas wish list.

Nars pressed blush. Color: Orgasm. It's a beautiful peach color with small gold specks to give a subtle glow. Ah! Love!

2012 Dodge Journey. This is what I'm currently driving as my rental. Obviously it has several upgrades such as Sirius radio along with a touch screen, but overall it's a great car with tons of storage and convenience especially starting brand new at $18,991. Just saying.

MacBook Pro. I mean um hello! It's gorgeous and amazing. At this point I would love to have a new computer regardless if it's a pricey Mac. My current laptop doesn't even have the ghz that is required to play a game I purchased and anxiously awaited for for months! Might I add the cd insert is missing its faceplate that randomly decided to fall off, the charging cord has to sit just right in order to keep the computer even on thus meanin it takes several minutes/hours just to attempt a single use out of it. Along with its slowness I could name off a million other things I dislike about my dinosaur of a laptop. ---no really, it's also bulky.

Keurig. Yessss please! A single cup of coffee is made my the time I get done taking my morning pee...what more can you ask for? No measuring coffee grinds, no clean a coffee stained pot, and very little maintenance...need I say more?

not pictured:
Ugg boots
Ottorbox-iPhone 4
Pearl earrings
MAC Eyeshadows-any color I love them ALL!
Victoria Secrets new "yoga" line.
A teacup yorkie or Australian sheppard mini.
Casserole dish with carrying case. For my future house of course.
The missing books from my Ellen Hopkins series
The Twilight saga DVDs. Yes I am absen from owning any but seen them all.
A quiet night for Honey and I (ya know jacuzzi suite and what not ;) )
A tree that grows money. If I come across one I'll inform you where to purchase it at ;)
A Bluetooth keyboard case for my iPad
A blender
A house. Oh what? Too much to ask for? sigh.

I could go on with some ridiculous wants but I'll stop there. This Christmas is not about presents, nor has it ever been before but emphasis on this Christmas due to circumstances of events, but more of spending time with my family and showing love. Honey's family has been extremely supportive the past couple of days and if I didn't feel it before I definitely feel apart of the family now. I couldn't ask for better future in laws. They are so amazing and loving and every sense of the words. I couldn't possibly asked to be surrounded by better people- my family, his, and friends.

If I'm not back before Christmas which I surely hope that I am, I hope everyone has the best Christmas possible. Love you guys!

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  1. Happy Christmas to you to girly, hope you're feeling better, although I know it'll be a tough journey for you. Oh and please keep us informed about that money tree and where they grow ;)

  2. If only you would come to PEI.. I could hook you up with a cheap jacuzzi cottage :p
    I could go for a Keurig as well.


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