Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Love: a list

If you didn't read Sunday's post, you might want to head back there and then read the posts between now and then. Just to catch up on what this week is about. ;)

There are so many things that I absolutely love about Honey, don't get me wrong there are many things that are less than awesome about him...such as his dirty dishes. I've decided to share some of the things that I absolutely love about him. (yea I know...mushy gushy)

1. His ability to make me laugh uncontrollably.
2. His child like ways- watching cartoons, getting excited about the latest Marvel related movie.
3. His hard work and dedication. He has a drive like no other.
4. His love he has for family and God.
5. His patience he has with me. I'm a diva therefore not the easiest to handle.
6. His kind heart and willingness to help others (which people often abuse this)
7. His love and support that he gives me. He is so supportive of me in so many ways.
8. His random acts of love. He doesn't always give me surprises or flowers but when he does it comes so unexpected and means more than anything.
9. Though he doesn't always listen, when he does he truly listens and pays attention to every small detail. --surprising me later with acknowledging it.
10. The way he knows when I'm in an uncomfortable situation (like the time I met his high school sweet heart that he had problems gettin over until he was 26) he gives me this look of reassurance that solves everything.

I'll stop at ten because I could go on forever. What are some of the things about your man that drives you wild, you love, or generally attracted you to him in the first place?

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  1. I'd answer your questions if I had a man. I just have a very recent ex about whom I dont have very many nice things to say.


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