Thursday, December 15, 2011

trash the peas

I enjoy doing Mama Kat's weekly prompts but I don't do them on a weekly basis. I tend to have other things to post about or there's topics not really relating to myself/life ie. motherhood, kids, get the gist. This week I'm going with...drum rollll please....

"your less favorite meal growing up"
Now I'm going to start this off by saying The Queen Bee is a beyond fabulous cook and baker. Being the spoiled blessed child that I was Queen always tried to incorporate something everyone at the dinner table was a fan of. So though I cannot choose a particular meal per se, I did decide to choose the new years day tradition that I fucking DESPISE!

Queen is a bit superstitious so every new years day you better believe she is shoveling a spoonful of black eyed peas on this pretty little mouth of mine! Yuckkkk!! It's suppose to guarantee you a good year but considering I've previously had some less than amazing years under my belt I don't believe in it AT ALL. And if that could get me out of the peas I would be more than grateful but it never works.

Any new years day traditions that you hate yet still take part in?

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  1. I've never tried black eyed peas.
    We don't really have any new year's day traditions. Usually just a new years day hangover :p


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