Wednesday, December 28, 2011

butt loads

...of laundry and what nots...

I didn't go anywhere don't worry. because I know you were losing sleep over it.

I've been a busy bee, no pun intended, as most are during the holidays. Well sure holidays are over (minus new years) but now that all the glitter and sparkles are being put away I'm left with a massive load of laundry, dust, and plenty of ruckus- needless to say I had a girl quit/get fired yesterday so now I'm dealing with that jazz. So my next post will be filled with amazingness including my fore mentioned giveaway oh yesss! I didn't forget about that!

However I will inform you that I took off early from work today in order to do laundry and clean, yet the day was too short to tackle everything I wanted to. So as soon as I get back on top of things, later this week maybe tomorrow if I can get my shit straight, I will post something magical. By magical I mean it will be filled with catch up, Christmas goodies, and my giveaway. Maybe that's combining too much into one post? Hehe we will see.

How was your holidays?

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  1. My holidays were pretty great. Lots of driving around to see family. Someday I may finally post about it :p


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