Saturday, December 3, 2011

Christmas 25 days early

So the juicy post I had originally planned is going to have to wait because I'm not much up for writing it tonight. Instead, I'm going to show you the Christmas gifts that Santa dropped off early for me (actually, I believe God was working in my favor...). I have scored some great buys this week and by "great buys" I'm not just speaking in terms of monetary value I'm also speaking in terms of items that succeeded in awesomeness.

Today I purchased Olay's in-shower body lotion. Lemme tell you, I wish I had a whole pool full of this just to roll around in! It is fabuloussss! After I showered I didn't want to put clothes on I wanted to roll around in silk sheets nakie because my skin was oh-so-soft!

Also today, Honey and I visited GNC where I planned on buying some pre workout however came across this bad boy instead. I'm going to continue using Honey's pwo hehe and start using this as a post workout or for when I'm hungry but about to head to the gym so I can't eat much. Okay so why is this on the list? Um originally it was $30+ dollars, BAM! Sale for only $7.99 say what? Oh no it doesn't stop there. Honey used his gold membership card and it ended up only costing approximately four bucks. Total win! Needless to say I got a "shortie" shaker in pink! (It's to put the protein powder in and fill with water, it comes with a metal ball that helps mix it up. why shortie? Because it's half the size of a normal shaker)

Okay so technically I didn't pay for these, Honey ended up making it an addition to the already $210 dollars spent on me for my birthday. (What? I'm not called the Diva Bee for nothing! ) If you've never heard of the "Eat This Not That!" series, I seriously suggest you look into it. Its not just a "diet" book. Actually if you look in the center of the red book and the top of the yellow, it clearly says "no diet weight loss solutions". It has everything from fast food restaurants to sit down restaurants. At each one it gives you the "healthier" choice. Believe it or not, it even suggests a Jr. Whopper at burger king versus other choices. It suggests grocery alternatives as well such as instead of wheat thins buy triscuits...this cereal over that cereal... mainly suggesting stuff that tastes basically the same but yet saves you the love handles. (If I haven't convinced you enough, it includes what you should look for on dining out menus to alert you whether it's a healthy choice or not)

Last but not least, my gas receipt. Here in TN gas is outrageous. I will admit it has dropped from it's four dollar range to a three dollar range but still, what happened to the days where you could put a dollar in your gas tank, not that I ever got to experience those days...just saying. So at Krogers, a grocery store mainly located in the south has a "Krogers plus card" deal where you can scan your card and get deals. Recently they came out with an iPhone app where you can download coupons directly to your card and when you scan it at the grocery it automatically takes said deal off. Well in addition to this, I feel like I need to explain for those none Kroger shoppers, they have fuel points. So when you scan your card even if you're not getting a deal it puts points on your account to go towards gas. Everyone has been astonished at how much I've saved on gas 10-30¢. Well Thursday night I went and got gas and ended up paying $2.67 a gallon VS 3.27 a gallon. Woopwoop!! Normally it takes about $45 to fill my Honda Element up but not this time! What's up $35 dollas!

My week? Yeah I cant complain. What about yours?

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  1. Damn.. I wish I could fill up for $35. I know money and gas prices are all different between Canada and the US, but it costs me about $65 to fill up.
    I'll have to try out some of that shower lotion.


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