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Monday, May 24, 2010


Ever get the feeling that everything you do will never be enough? That's what boat I'm in as we speak. Let's face it, workin with family and for family is never the best idea. Emotions get involved and taken advantage of happens frequently. Due to the events taken place today I have come to the realization that when I'm off work, I'm not really off. I'm on a constant call never being able to make plans in my personal life. Today I was suppose to be off work. Instead I had to go in and work an hour. By the time I drove to and from work my pay forthe day wouldn't have even covered gas. Then I was suppose to work 3-8tomorrow night. Instead my dad decided he wanted me to take a delivery at noon. Thus drive 30 minutes to work. Load up. Drive 30 minutes to the delivery location then drive 30 minutes back to work drop off work utensils drive 30 minutes home. Chill an hour. Drive 30 back to work, 5 hours later drive 30 minutes back home. If that isn't shitty enough my dad wanted me to go across town to our other location at 6am and paperwork train. Forty five minute drive were talking about here then the same home jus to turn around and leave at 11:45 for the noon delivery. I said I wouldn't start training tomorrow and I would wai a day, now he wants to treat me like I'm being a bitch and unruly. WTF am I suppose to do? Seriously I don't get paid enough for this shit. I'm not going to drive all the way across town for an hour to get paid 8 fucking dollars. This is bullshit and this post was suppose to help me vent and calm down but now I'm just pissed all over again. I swear I can't do anything right for him even though I bend over backwards 24/7 yet it's still not good enough. But you know what fuck this my back is broken I'm through with being the little guinea big that is demanded to pick up everyones slack.



Friday, May 21, 2010

Heading south

Let's just talk about work for a minute shall we? I know my headline says rants from the diva herself but y'all haven't heard nothing yet. You'll have to excuse this post all together really.

A whole bunch of crap has been heading south at work between coworkers. Me being one of them. M got in trouble for some stuff she had previously done that will go unmentioned and she automatically assumes that I was the one who told. Me being the bosses daughter and all, I'm use to it. However don't give me the cold shoulder when you don't know the facts. I wasn't the one who told however it still remains pinned on me. I could kick and scream and no one would believe me. I just find it really immature that people get mad at others for what they did. Last time I checked every choice and decision you make has consequenes, whether they are good or bad you have to grow up and take responsibility for those actions rather than blaming them on others. I could be mad about the whole situation in itself but I chose otherwise. It's petty bullshit and I'm not going to sink to those actions. I could try to get her back for ignoing me and being immature but I'm not. That's in Gods hands. Really I don't have time to sit there and try to act like I'm her BFF when it's pretty obvious she doesn't give a damn about anyone but herself. I'm through with the drama and honestly I'm not upset about losing someone that I THOUGHT was a friend.

Turning over a new page, today is Friday. Boy am I happy. Lil Jacob Riley is staying the night with me tonight so I get to have a fun filled night of giggles and joy!!

Hope everyone else is having a great Friday :)

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QOTW (5/20/10)



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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

an update

As previously mentioned, I've been on blogcation. For some reason or another I have felt so miserably overwhelmed yet not much has gone on. Strange I know, just bare with me. I posted pictures about the flood that took place. Due to the flood, alot more people have been eating out at restaurants thus meaning we've been crazy busy. Needless to say, with summer approaching business will continue to pick up. (We cater, so we're constantly doing weddings, reunions, business parties, fishing tournaments etc.) Plus, who doesn't love some good bbq in the summer!?

Furthermore, alot has taken place. We kept Jacob for a whole weekend due to the flood; he originally was only suppose to stay for one night because my sister and BIL went to a concert in Memphis. However, due to the flood they were stuck down there. So we had oodles of fun with him! I have lots of pictures from that weekend but I don't want to go all 'picture-overload' on ya'll. HA! Also my mom seriously injured her knee and for those of you who regularly read up on me... ya'll know I've been catering to all her needs :)

Last Friday I decided to gather myself and go visit my friend Josh. The last time I did I absolutely broke down and couldn't stop crying. I guess reality finally sunk in. I decided to take a few pictures of him before I departed. Just because I think it's beautiful. I guess because it was created for him and with him in mind, needless to say he's a beautiful person.

If you didn't pick up before, my friend Josh has passed away. He was in the United States Army. On his tour in Iraq him and his team were in a vehicle and they encountered an improvised bomb that was in the road. Due to the explosive, he didn't make it out alive. I still think about him a lot. He was the first person who ever talked to me when I moved to Clarksville. He accepted me for who I was and not the rumors that were being spread about me. Once again, upon visitation I balled and squalled. Every visit is different. Every visit I cry over something different. He will always remain in my heart and never be forgotten.

With that being said I am going to go for now. I can't quite say when I'll be back to post. Hopefully not too long. Please be patient with me, I've had a lot going on. :)

If you haven't caught from previous mentioning, I have a new blog as well. It may peak some interest with you, may not. Either way you can find it here.

Monday, May 10, 2010

New post on Dear Soulmate :)
Today's media Monday is going to be alot different. I don't really know if you can consider it 'Media Monday' but oh well. I've been extremely overwhelmed lately so I've taken a blogcation. So for today's MM I'm just going to leave you with a link to my current guest blog. I should be returning soon with something a little more fabulous but until then head over to Life As Eye See It and check out my post. Hopefully it will give you some Diva Bee entertainment!

Guest Post

See ya soon :)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

well hey there random!

I've been MIA lately, and I apologize. Though this post is a little, okay maybe alot, alcohol induced... I wanted to let you know I haven't forgot about ya'll. Promise! Forgive me for not commenting as much, not responding, etc. All of my followers mean something to me. Truly :)

I wanted to let you know what all I've been up to, briefly anyways.

As posted on Monday, the flooding has taken a toll on me. I am extremely tired, due to homes being flooded we've been crazy busy at work... later elaboration...maybe. :-P Also I feel like everything lately has been getting to me. When I say everything, I mean everything. (hence why a beer is sitting beside me) There's been so much going on that it's mentally draining me. I feel like I'm in a corner unable to move. It sucks. Big butt, really. However in the mean time, since my absence, I've created a new blog. I'd like to say that The Diva Bee has given birth. :claps hands, hooray hooray!: you can find it here. I give an explanation of what it's about in my first post. Check it out, ya'll might like it. If not, okay love you too. :)

I'm cutting this short, my attention span is getting the best of me. I just wanted to let ya'll know how much I love you. Also to let you know that lately I've been overwhelmed and in the meantime I ALSO created a new blog. That's my check-in for now. I'm sorry this is so random.




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Media Monday {photography}


Welcome back to Media Monday, hosted by yours truly! Each week we have a different media theme from photography to movies to music! Feel free to join in the fun and make sure to leave a comment and a link to your very own MM post.

Due to the current events taking place in Nashville, Tennessee and surrounding middle TN areas, aka my location, I've decided to do another photography themed week. It's been pretty hectic here so post any kind of picture you want, give a description... be creative. I personally am going to post about what's been going on here. If you want a little more direction, post a picture that has a story behind it, my story is going to be almost unbelievable!

Have ya'll heard about what's going on in middle Tennessee? Well let me tell you, Niecy Nash says it best, a whole bunch of foolishness! I know some of you follow Bailey's blog at Addicted to Addison and she recently posted about the current event taking place as well. [you can find it here]

We had a pretty big storm come through over the weekend, it called for flash floods. But seriously, who would have thought it would get this bad? Interstates were shut down as well as many main roads, and backroads. So far eight deaths have been reported, and one birth. One birth?! Yes, you read correctly. A woman was trapped in her home and it just so happens that in the neighborhood next to hers lived a nurse as well as a doctor. When reported that she was trapped and going into labor, they hopped in a canoe, went a rescued her, and delivered the the canoe! Talk about crazy stuff! Opryland hotel in Nashville had to evacuate due to flooding as well; 1,500 people had to stay in a local high school. It was just reported that it currently has six feet of stand still water inside the hotel. Also in the Madison area three men were trapped on the roof of the local Pep Boys. The last thing I heard was that they were on the roof for two hours and still had not been able to be rescued (chances are they're safe and sound now... hopefully anyways). The interstate was absolutely crazy. There were people floating down the interstate on top of their cars, there was a house floating down the interstate, there were boats rescuing people as well. So far there has been 600 people rescued from homes in Nashville, reported by WSMV. So on to the pictures/evidence!

All pictures were found via Google Images.


This is just a few of the pictures. You can find some really good pictures at WSMV.

You will have to forgive me for not posting lately. I have been super busy, with Jacob spending the night and a few other things. I also yes I'm confessing this have been extremely lazy. I'll be posting pictures of our adventurous weekend with Jacob soon! Also, I know I haven't been commenting on many blogs here lately, nor responding to comments, please forgive me! I still love all of you. AND not to forget I love love love your comments and love that you leave me!! so please don't stop!

*I am not a reporter, duh, but everything I have said in the "reporting" of the storm has been reported by several different media outlets. You can click on the following links to read and watch more footage. :)
The Leaf Chronicle
News Channel 5

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Blog of The Month

I've decided to start hosting a blog of the month. Not only is it something fun to do, but it will help my favorite blog's get more recognition. I have a few faves that I feel go "under-recognized" so I felt like this would be something fun to do. Though I don't have many followers myself, as my blog grows (hopefully) this will become more and more fun.


Blog of the month award goes to: [drum roll please..]

Summer at Summer's Story

I chose Summer's blog because she's always inspiring me. If you read her past blog posts about her disease, you will surely be inspired as well. She's always making me laugh, and needless to say her little girl is just a doll! By reading her blog you will quickly learn that she has one of the most kind hearts and an outstanding passion for life. Though Summer and I have never met in real life, I love this girl so much! And she definately has a rather large spot in my heart.

Congratulations Summer for not only winning my first blog of the month, but also stealing my heart!

Summer, and for you future winners, I have created a little award for you to post on your blog. Fill free to copy to your blog. :)