Thursday, May 6, 2010

well hey there random!

I've been MIA lately, and I apologize. Though this post is a little, okay maybe alot, alcohol induced... I wanted to let you know I haven't forgot about ya'll. Promise! Forgive me for not commenting as much, not responding, etc. All of my followers mean something to me. Truly :)

I wanted to let you know what all I've been up to, briefly anyways.

As posted on Monday, the flooding has taken a toll on me. I am extremely tired, due to homes being flooded we've been crazy busy at work... later elaboration...maybe. :-P Also I feel like everything lately has been getting to me. When I say everything, I mean everything. (hence why a beer is sitting beside me) There's been so much going on that it's mentally draining me. I feel like I'm in a corner unable to move. It sucks. Big butt, really. However in the mean time, since my absence, I've created a new blog. I'd like to say that The Diva Bee has given birth. :claps hands, hooray hooray!: you can find it here. I give an explanation of what it's about in my first post. Check it out, ya'll might like it. If not, okay love you too. :)

I'm cutting this short, my attention span is getting the best of me. I just wanted to let ya'll know how much I love you. Also to let you know that lately I've been overwhelmed and in the meantime I ALSO created a new blog. That's my check-in for now. I'm sorry this is so random.

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