Friday, May 21, 2010

Heading south

Let's just talk about work for a minute shall we? I know my headline says rants from the diva herself but y'all haven't heard nothing yet. You'll have to excuse this post all together really.

A whole bunch of crap has been heading south at work between coworkers. Me being one of them. M got in trouble for some stuff she had previously done that will go unmentioned and she automatically assumes that I was the one who told. Me being the bosses daughter and all, I'm use to it. However don't give me the cold shoulder when you don't know the facts. I wasn't the one who told however it still remains pinned on me. I could kick and scream and no one would believe me. I just find it really immature that people get mad at others for what they did. Last time I checked every choice and decision you make has consequenes, whether they are good or bad you have to grow up and take responsibility for those actions rather than blaming them on others. I could be mad about the whole situation in itself but I chose otherwise. It's petty bullshit and I'm not going to sink to those actions. I could try to get her back for ignoing me and being immature but I'm not. That's in Gods hands. Really I don't have time to sit there and try to act like I'm her BFF when it's pretty obvious she doesn't give a damn about anyone but herself. I'm through with the drama and honestly I'm not upset about losing someone that I THOUGHT was a friend.

Turning over a new page, today is Friday. Boy am I happy. Lil Jacob Riley is staying the night with me tonight so I get to have a fun filled night of giggles and joy!!

Hope everyone else is having a great Friday :)


  1. i'm so sorry!! i hope this weekend gives you the breather you need!!

  2. Let's hope! I have lots of family coming to town so I might just go insane!

  3. Aw that sucks. I hate people like that.
    Hope you had fun with the little one!


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