Saturday, May 1, 2010

Blog of The Month

I've decided to start hosting a blog of the month. Not only is it something fun to do, but it will help my favorite blog's get more recognition. I have a few faves that I feel go "under-recognized" so I felt like this would be something fun to do. Though I don't have many followers myself, as my blog grows (hopefully) this will become more and more fun.


Blog of the month award goes to: [drum roll please..]

Summer at Summer's Story

I chose Summer's blog because she's always inspiring me. If you read her past blog posts about her disease, you will surely be inspired as well. She's always making me laugh, and needless to say her little girl is just a doll! By reading her blog you will quickly learn that she has one of the most kind hearts and an outstanding passion for life. Though Summer and I have never met in real life, I love this girl so much! And she definately has a rather large spot in my heart.

Congratulations Summer for not only winning my first blog of the month, but also stealing my heart!

Summer, and for you future winners, I have created a little award for you to post on your blog. Fill free to copy to your blog. :)



  1. what a neat idea. and you have media monday as well. i'm wondering if i should start some something or other weekly/monthly thingymabobber on my little blog, but so far nothing has sounded like me. lol.

    and i don't read summer, but i'm headed over to her blog now :)

  2. I love bandwagons! Lol. I just thought it would be/feel nice to have someone recognize you every once and awhile. Summer is an amazing woman, definately look into her blog because it's well-worth your time. She's such a sweet heart, I'm sure you'll like her!! (needless to say she's random and silly as all get out, which always makes for an interesting read!) stay tuned because you could possibly be next months or the next or the next! :-P

  3. Haley,
    You just made me cry....thank you so much for this! Means more to me than you know! You to have a HUGE place in my heart as well deary! Thanks for leaving such sweet comments! We got home about 2 hours ago and the trip to JHU wasn't good at all! My disease has yet again stopped responding to this round of chemo meds so they are gonna have to stop the one because since it is not working causes a bigger risk of cancer and start a new BIGGER ONE that has mouse DNA in it! I am pretty scared about it but I know that God will see us through this and I will get well! I just have to keep climbing!

    Thanks so much for making my day alot brighter! I needed this more than you know today and girl I give this award right back to you.... Because you my friend are so sweet, nice and inspire me oh and make me laugh say something funny already LOL


  4. Hi- I am a friend of Summer's too! Love that she was the first recipent of your award!! She is an inspiration to us all!

  5. What a neat idea! I'll definitely be checking her blog out. :)

  6. Hey girlie,
    When you get a chance pop over to my blog....I left you a shout out cause your the bestest and all....
    loves ya
    Summer ;0)


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