Monday, May 10, 2010

Today's media Monday is going to be alot different. I don't really know if you can consider it 'Media Monday' but oh well. I've been extremely overwhelmed lately so I've taken a blogcation. So for today's MM I'm just going to leave you with a link to my current guest blog. I should be returning soon with something a little more fabulous but until then head over to Life As Eye See It and check out my post. Hopefully it will give you some Diva Bee entertainment!

Guest Post

See ya soon :)

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  1. There you bee....get it Diva bee...LOL o.k. sorry I am a dork today! I've missed ya! Glad you are back from that blogcation of yours missy! I checked out your guest post and it was super cute and funny! Loved it....

    Have a great day
    Summer :0)


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