Tuesday, May 11, 2010

an update

As previously mentioned, I've been on blogcation. For some reason or another I have felt so miserably overwhelmed yet not much has gone on. Strange I know, just bare with me. I posted pictures about the flood that took place. Due to the flood, alot more people have been eating out at restaurants thus meaning we've been crazy busy. Needless to say, with summer approaching business will continue to pick up. (We cater, so we're constantly doing weddings, reunions, business parties, fishing tournaments etc.) Plus, who doesn't love some good bbq in the summer!?

Furthermore, alot has taken place. We kept Jacob for a whole weekend due to the flood; he originally was only suppose to stay for one night because my sister and BIL went to a concert in Memphis. However, due to the flood they were stuck down there. So we had oodles of fun with him! I have lots of pictures from that weekend but I don't want to go all 'picture-overload' on ya'll. HA! Also my mom seriously injured her knee and for those of you who regularly read up on me... ya'll know I've been catering to all her needs :)

Last Friday I decided to gather myself and go visit my friend Josh. The last time I did I absolutely broke down and couldn't stop crying. I guess reality finally sunk in. I decided to take a few pictures of him before I departed. Just because I think it's beautiful. I guess because it was created for him and with him in mind, needless to say he's a beautiful person.

If you didn't pick up before, my friend Josh has passed away. He was in the United States Army. On his tour in Iraq him and his team were in a vehicle and they encountered an improvised bomb that was in the road. Due to the explosive, he didn't make it out alive. I still think about him a lot. He was the first person who ever talked to me when I moved to Clarksville. He accepted me for who I was and not the rumors that were being spread about me. Once again, upon visitation I balled and squalled. Every visit is different. Every visit I cry over something different. He will always remain in my heart and never be forgotten.

With that being said I am going to go for now. I can't quite say when I'll be back to post. Hopefully not too long. Please be patient with me, I've had a lot going on. :)

If you haven't caught from previous mentioning, I have a new blog as well. It may peak some interest with you, may not. Either way you can find it here.


  1. That must've been great, having Jacob. I'd love to see some pictures. The one of him on the sidebar is adorable.

    Sorry about your friend :(
    I lost a friend of mine in September and I don't think reality has really set in most days. He has a beautiful headstone though.

    Hope you start feeling a bit less overwhelmed.

  2. wow, haley... you are one busy girl!! i hope everything starts to settle down for you!

  3. You are one busy chicka! I am glad your fams business is booming yet I am sad you are so super stressed out :0( ! You take as long as you need on your bloggy-cation and we will be right here when you come back, although I super miss "talking" to you! YOu make me laugh ALOT!!

    That is super sad about your friend, I am glad you gained the courage to visit the cemetary and take a pic, his marker is very pretty! I can't imagine what it would be like to lose a friend! I lost my dad when Kelcee was five mths old and I break down and cry every time I visit!

    Hang in there pretty girl


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