Monday, March 29, 2010

Take that, stinky-mcstink face!


Dear Mr. Computer,
I'm through with you. I want a divorce. Our relationship started off so nicely... truly it did. It all started with love at first sight, you then moved away with me to college, three hours from where we originally met. A year later you were stolen from me then a week later you were escorted back to me by the police. You suffered from memory loss, I worked with you through it. Building you back up to your original self. Now? And now? Now you want to quit on me, you want to be slow, you don't want to give me your all. You won't show me pictures, nor videos. When I talk to you through my webcam you make the video look hideous because you like to be skippy with it. I will soon be filing for divorce papers and if you want to know... yes you are being replaced. Replaced with one that's not so fat, yes I called you fat, and one that actually wants to participate with me through daily activities and routines. I'm sorry it has to come to this... but I really can't take your bull crap anymore.
Your Ex,
The Diva Bee-otch!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Music Monday!

Ah, we meet again! This week's MM is to post a song that you love to dance around in the living room to. A song that you find yourself getting overly giddy when it starts to play, a song that brightens your rainy day. (Oops, that unintentionally rhymed!)

My song choice, personally, makes me want to dance around in my oversized t-shirt and my underwear! LOVE IT. Of course, I'll have a hairbrush in hand to replace where a microphone should be… dancing and prancing and acting like a star! (because really, in my world, I am.)

Drum Roll? Please? ….. Perfect day by Hoku.

I originally heard this song on Legally Blonde when it first came out. I've basically been addicted ever since. It's one of those songs that you store away for a while and bam one day bring it out and let your stardom shine! Oh yes!

What's your dancing and prancing jam? Ya know… that song that makes you get up off your feet and bounce around like you're 5 years old again… ya, that one? Considering I posted this late in the day, I'm extending it till midnight on Tuesday. Please leave a your link in the comment section. Happy Monday, ya'll!

Celebrity Crush: Josh DeVine

So I was in high hopes that this week will be better than last. It's looking like that could be a possibility! I watched the weather forecast tonight and oh boy oh boy is our 7-day looking niiice!!!

Monday- 53 20% chance of rain. Tuesday 65 Sunny, Wednesday 73 Sunny, Thursday 75 Sunny, Friday 78 Sunny, AND SATURDAY 80 SUNNY!!!!!!! Score!

Speaking of the news, I don't know if I've ever mentioned this before or not… but I'm a diehard Channel 4 News watcher. When Dan Miller died, I cried. My heart broke. A part of me felt like a family member had passed away, after all he was with us at the dinner table every night, not in person but on the television screen. Anyways… getting to the point I watch it over any other news source. Well I just so happen to be talking amongst a few friends the other day and the subject of "celebrity crushes" came up. I'm a pretty realistic person, sometimes too much so. So when asked who my celebrity crush was I had no other choice but to blurt out my local news anchor crush. Their automatic reaction, "Who is that?" "Is he that one guy that played in that one movie…No no his name was Josh Duhamel". I guess because in my mind it's the closest thing to a celebrity in my realistic fashion. Plus I'm pretty sure it would happen over being with Brad Pitt or George Clooney or any other celeb. Anyways, after explaining who it was I was laughed at. ::sigh:: All the "celebrities" they named were, of course, big buff guys. My celebrity crush? If you can really even call it that, is a news reporter for Channel 4 News, a local Nashville news station. He is not some big buff guy with Patrick Swayze looks, but he is a huge Christian, which above all is what attracts me. I think he is the most adorable guy ever, after reading his facebook profile I realized that my soul mate would have much of his characteristics. He's a coffee drinker, a thoughtful thinker, a writer, a runner, he reads, he has style, he's humorous, and he is as his blog says, "a man in process". Does anyone know who I'm talking about yet? His name is Josh DeVine, and well… I think he's 'DeVine'. Lol. He's 29..I'm only 21… I doubt I would ever have the chance with a guy that is 8 years older than me + is a celebrity in my book HA! I never even knew about him until my mom one day told me to go read his facebook profile because she declared he was my soul mate through what he had written in his interests and what-not. She put emphasis on the fact that he likes coffee and naps, much like I do. Lol. Anyways though there's no hope there and I wouldn't have a chance in hell, my point is that he is my 'celeb' crush. :) Because my friends got so much humor out of this, the next day I received this photo in a text message:

Noticed they decided it would be a great idea to make my picture be one of where I look extremely excited, so much to the point I could pee my pants.

Who is/are your celebrity crush(es)?

my first awards!!

So when I first started blogging I instantly started reading multiple blogs. I came across a few blog posts where the bloggers were given awards, I love being awarded so it instantly caught my attention! HA! Sad thing is, my blog got off to a rough start. I wasn't 100% devoted, I wasn't jumping on many bandwagons, and really… I didn't have much to say. Honestly, I didn't know what to say… what people would be interested in hearing, or anything. Maybe I got a bit of stage blog fright. Now that I've been blogging for the past weeks/months, even though I'm still in toddler stage, I have loosened up on my posts. I have come to the realization that this blog is for me and no one else, in the end does it really matter if anyone reads it? Though, I really really love feedback and comments! It makes me feel like I'm not wasting time and my words aren't getting lost in cyberspace. However, the more comfortable I've become with my blog I have found the more followers I receive. Anyways, this isn't about mine and my blogs relationship (ha!) this is more about how I've become adapted to the atmosphere blogosphere and how I've quickly found people that I really enjoy reading about and talking to. I learn new things everyday and it's definitely a hobby that I am falling in love with!

Point being, through my blogging experience thus far, I have met people that have impacted me and inspired me… in more ways than one. Now, I've been given back that same lovin'! Introducing my very first awards, presented by some very beautiful ladies that well, I'm addicted to reading about.

My FIRST award:

It was originally given to me by Bailey @ Addicted to Addison

This award was also given to me by: Summer @ Summer's Story

My SECOND award:

Also originally given by Bailey. (I personally think she should change her blog name to: "Addicted to The Diva" …HA! JUST KIDDING!)

Also presented to me by: Valerie @ Next to Heaven

Oh my! A THIRD award!?!

Do I have to tell you who gave me this, or can you guess? Hehe, that's right Miss Bailey! *hey I'm not going to complain, I think we're all pretty aware of how addicted I am to reading Addicted to Addison!! I really like this award because I haven't seen it handed out a lot. (I personally think people need to start creating new awards so the same ones aren't being handed out. Just sayin')

Lasssst but NOT least!

Well hello there DIVA! I actually created this award for people to hand to those bloggers who are constantly inspiring. Well what do you know, I've been an inspiration!

Given by: Summer @ Summer's Story

Well, these are all my awards for now. For the second & third award there are three rules:

-Thank the person who gave you the award: Thank you Bailey & Valerie! I love reading both of your blogs religiously :)

-Pass the award to 7 other bloggers: (I'm going to switch this up a bit, give to 3 and then give to 4

The Sugar Doll Award: Heather @ Hello World This is Me ; Terisa @ Terisa Simpson ; Cinderella @ My Life's Graffiti

The Beautiful Blog Award: Jenn @ Life with Leah ; The Purple Princess @ My Life in Purple ; Eyegirl @ Life As Eye See It ; Summer @ Summer's Story

-Say 7 things about yourself:

I absolutely love reading but don't ever have enough time for it.

I am a huge procrastinator.

My mornings always start the same way: Brush teeth, drink coffee while reading/replying to blogs, start mt. dew while finishing my reading.

I hardly ever watch TV, I'm not good at following sitcoms.

I'm only 21 but my biological-clock starts to tick randomly and then stop.

I am a recovered anorexic, hence why I'm not so ashamed to be chunky.

At the age of 20 I bought my very own brand new car. (yes, with my money. Not daddy's.)

Anywho, I'll be back a little later to post some more randomness. *e-hug*

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Why lookie there! What do we have here!

{via google images}
Ah, it's that time. I promised this week that I would get around to posting the pictures that I have been promising for close to a month now. Well, here they are. Warning, you may suffer from POS {photo-overload-syndrome} by the time you finish this... that is... if you make it to the end. :] I hope all of you have a fabulous hump day (ok maybe I'm immature but I always giggle at that). Oh and btw, I ended up only working 8 hours instead of 13!! Wooot wooot! My dad called in reinforcement because well, mother-nature took a hard hit at me. Today was rough, to say the least. Nevertheless, I'll stop babbling. I hope you all enjoy and I didn't just waste a buncha time. (hence, my computer is slow as hell).

First&Foremost: My -not so new anymore- HAIR!

The Before & After Shot
{admit it, you love the elvis!}

Front View {you'll have to excuse me, I was at work so I had my hair up :[}

Top View {I love all the different colors :]}

{Play Dance Bar}

S, M, & Me

B&M {okay, so they're not really together. B actually as a boyfriend but M always tells him that she is going to be his and his boyfriends serogate mother because she thinks they'd make pretty babies. i totally agree with that assumption.}

S, B, & Me {I love how this picture looks scrapbooked. hehe}

M, T, & Me {Divas? yupp that's riiight!}

{Pub Crawl}

One of my dearest and best friends, Abbie, & I

Abbie, Montgomery, Me, and Sky
Us from the south? Pshhh... how could you tell? Definately not by the plaid shirt, camo hat, and the budweiser sign in the background! Heh...Heh...

Ah! We meet the end of the road!! I hope you enjoyed my not so pro photo skills. HA! A few points before I go to sleep aka end this blog post... Did anyone watch Idol tonight? I'm so happy ol'girl went home. Too bad she didn't carry out her performances like she did on her last song... she might of had a chance. Face it, she gave up! Also, I'm thinking about doing a giveaway once I reach 10 followers. When I get a few more over 10, I think I'm going to treat myself to a BBB blog design. Just a thought! Anyways okay I'm going... forrreal this time. Goodnight my beauties.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tuesday 7!

Monday, March 22, 2010

help me help you // dwts

I feel so blah! My sinuses are really getting the best of me and it blows! I was so excited to be able to get on tonight and make a fun blog post. It's getting that time where I normally come and hop in bed and write a blog then go to sleep. Yet tonight, much like the past few, I rather go to sleep then to even think about opening up my laptop.

However there is so much in my agenda for blog posts. I need to post the pictures of my new hair do, this weekends pub crawl, I need to help one of my dear bloggie friends install their blog button, and the list goes on. Most of all, I want to do some sort of questionaire that will help me help you to better understand me. It's almost like I feel as though I know way too much about my blog friends yet I feel as if I'm hiding behind a curtain. I don't mean to, yet it's just the way things have fallen into place. I'm not going to do one of those blog posts where you can ask me questions and then I respond in a later post. Considering I only have 8 followers, and I get the impression that there are only 3 actual people that do read I feel as though it would be a waste of time. However, if there is something you want to know about me... feel free to ask me in a comment on this post and I will respond to a comment on this post as well.


Furthermore, dancing with the stars came on tonight. I'm going start my commentary by saying this: I always knew dancing could be {and is} very sexual. I think the judges took it to a whole new level though. It started with Bruno saying "you have a huge...huge...huge... talent". Carrie Ann then followed it up with "you have to hit it with rhythm, you have to hit it hard". {if you were wondering, both of these statements were in regards to Chad Ochocinco's dancing skills}. Later Erin Andrews, an ESPN corresponder, says "I've heard you get very very hard". Maybe this is me with my mind in the gutter, but I'm just saying... some of the comments made tonight definately took a few turns.

Was it me or was Pamela Anderson being overly sexual everytime the camera was on her. SLUT. lol. Her dancing partner sure did make sure he kept her close at all times. Needless to say her hair was a knotted mess. Looks like she had just made another sex tape, this time not with Tommy Lee but with her dance instructor/partner. Suprisingly Neicy Nash did pretty good. I think she's adorable, her and her jiggly-parts. (if you watched tonight you know exactly what i'm talking about)I think Nash's performance was probably my favorites, yet Nicole from the Pussycat Dolls wasn't so bad either. It's hard to pick who I think will win it all right now because the first show is always a rough draft.

That's all for now. Tomorrow I hope to post: post it note tuesday and the pictures of my hair. No promises. Especially since I have to go into work 2 hours early tomorrow, oh well can't hate the money. Anyways I hope everybody made it threw "a case of the mondays". I sure am glad I did.

music monday {reinvented}

I'm back my beauties! What better day then a Monday eh? If you haven't already noticed, I've been MIA lately. I've been extremely busy with work and by the time I come home, instead of crawling in bed and typing a blog post like I normally do, I fall right asleep from a long day at work. So anyways, it's music monday, and I hope more of you join me this week. I won't be doing a Mr. Linky but just post a comment with your link in it so I, and other bloggers, can get right to you!

This week I've decided to switch it up a bit. I want you to post a 'playlist' of some of your favorite summer songs, or songs that you think make a great playlist for the summertime. feel free to pick as many songs as you like, i personally have a hard time just picking a few. so anyways here's my playlist. I hope yall join me this week!!

1. Coin operated boy- the dresden dolls
2. i'm on a boat {clean version}- the lonely island
3. wagon wheel- old crowe medicine show {OCMS}
4. love shack- the B-52's
5. cheeseburger in paradise- jimmy buffett
6. margaritaville- jimmy buffett
7. i love rock-n-roll britney spears
8. I gotta feeling- black eyed peas
9. yeah!- usher
10. hey ya!- outkast
11. pocketful of sunshine- natasha bedingfield
12. hot n cold- katy perry
13. imma be- the black eyed peas
14. paper planes- MIA
15. just dance- lady gaga
16. so what- p!nk
17. rock 'n roll all nite- KISS
18. put your records on- corinne bailey rae
19. im like a bird- nelly furtado
20. chicken fried- zac brown band

don't forget to leave a comment and link up! =)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

21 days/st. patty's!

Well hello my beauties! Today is the day that I start my 'Becoming the Me I Want to Be:21 Days'. Eyegirl over at Life As Eye See It Has been posting about this for quite some time now.... like um 21 days... lol. So here it is. Challenge numero uno.
Day 1
today's challenge:

Think of something you are willing to give up for 21 days,
and commit to it once and for all.
Write it down.
Tell someone so they can help to hold you accountable.
and remember,
it's just for 21 days.
you can do anything for 21 days.

Today I have chosen to give up fast food and replace it with working out. (yes, I got the idea for fast food from Eyegirl herself) When I saw that Eyegirl gave up fast food I was like HAH! NO WAY! I eat fast food on a regular basis. Literally. Probably two times a day, 5 days a week. Yeah, ok I know... don't even start with me. Not only am I wasting money but I'm cloggin arteries and expanding my waistline. So yeah, with that being said, I am determined to stick with this. Maybe I won't always work out for 21 days solid, but getting rid of fastfood alone speaks volumes to me!

{and we proceed to the next subject}
yesterday was st.patty's day!!! even though my day consisted of nothing but work i still had fun. one of my coworkers went and bought beads with little clovers on them and also a cute little garder that we placed on our thighs over our jeans that were green and white with a four leaf clover on it. hehe. also my mom sent me an email of the most adorable picture in the world.... oh yes, mom is getting creative with the limited amount of technology that she understands!

Haha, it's my nephew, Jacob!! I bought fell out in the floor when she sent this. It's pretty obvious that he looks like he's passing gas or something hahaha!!

Anyways. Later tonight hopefully I will finally be posting my hair pictures as well as the awards I have recently recieved. Yeah, I know, I'm behind in the blogosphere! But til then, I have to go get ready for work. Adios my beauties!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

post-it note tuesday...errr... wednesday?

Okay this was suppose to be posted yesterday. Myyy baddd. I ended up getting so sleepy I passed out after work in my big comfy bed, and well, all was history from there. So anyways, post-it note wednesday here we go!

That's all for this post.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Music Monday!

Post a song(s) that you are most recently obsessed with. Feel free to post lyrics, how you came by the song, what it pertains to according to your life, etc. 
So I didn’t participate in music Monday last week, but I’m back for more action this week!! My song choice isn’t exactly a “new” song, but it’s a song that I always find myself turning to. Due to a recent breakup, sometimes I get down and out. Though I no longer want to be with this guy, he seems to still feel the need to try to damage my self esteem and credibility on other media outlets, ie. Facebook and myspace. So anyways. This is my choice this week. Enjoy enjoy!
needless to say, I find Butch Walker to be one hell of a sexy man!

"Best Thing You Never Had"

Hello how you doing?
What's it like to ruin all my self esteem
Let me blow off some steam
For 5 years I've waited,
So why am I jaded to get back at you
What makes it cool

When you act like nothing ever happened
I feel like I should feel bad
But I can't like someone who thought
They're the only one that mattered
I hope that you're flattered
Cause you broke this down
The best thing that you never had

And it seems like a loss somehow
My heart got lost on the way to my head
And my brain cells are dead
And the craziness shows
Now I start to go when the green turns to red
And I should be dead

When you act like nothing ever happened
I feel like I should feel bad
But I can't like someone who thought
They're the only one that mattered
While my heart got shattered like romantic roadkill
My heart is all splattered your ego got fatter
And I hope that you're flattered
Cause you broke this down
The best thing that you never had

Like the toilet seat never got lifted
And I pissed on your confidence
When you weren't around, how can that be?
Don't turn this around
You were the one
Who drove my ass right to the ground

When you act like nothing ever happened
I feel like I should feel bad, and I can't like

Someone who thought
They're the only one that mattered
While my heart got shattered like romantic roadkill
My heart is all splattered your ego got fatter
And I hope that you're flattered
Cause you broke this down
You broke this down
The best thing, the best thing,
The best thing that you never had

You never had...

Though when the break-up initially took place, I was absolutely heart broken. I couldn’t even talk about it without balling my eyes out. *read labels:Jonathan* After sitting back and thinking about everything in detail, I realize our relationship was not what it was all cracked up to be. Just like in the song, my heart got lost on the way to my head. He thought he was the only one that mattered. My feelings and my heart was never of his concern and it really was “all about him”. Now he is slandering my name on media outlets because he see’s now that I’m not sticking around for his bullshit. He knows that I’m picking up my pieces and moving on and that he doesn’t matter like he thought he did, and it’s killing him. He even posted a status stating, “out with the bad, in with the good, fuck what she said”. After talking to him about this rather foolish inquiry he told me that he said it because I was acting like I wasn’t going to be friends with him anymore and that when I told him I still wanted to be friends with him that I was lying. Truth: we aren’t together anymore, so no… I’m not going to break my neck to hang out with him. I’m not going to text and call him like I’m still his girlfriend. I’m not going to give him every second of my day. And yes, that kills him. He hates it, but HE’S the one moving away, not me. After all was said and done, I realize now that he is nothing more than an immature coward. I’m not saying this out of hostility either, I’m saying this because he thinks he can run away from all his problems and everything will be okay. If he were a real man he would stand up to his problems and fix them, not run away.
So anyways, with all this being said, this is my choice. I am going to burn away the memories of him and I. I am going to rid of the negative thoughts. Because in the end, I know I was the best thing that he never truly had.