Monday, March 22, 2010

music monday {reinvented}

I'm back my beauties! What better day then a Monday eh? If you haven't already noticed, I've been MIA lately. I've been extremely busy with work and by the time I come home, instead of crawling in bed and typing a blog post like I normally do, I fall right asleep from a long day at work. So anyways, it's music monday, and I hope more of you join me this week. I won't be doing a Mr. Linky but just post a comment with your link in it so I, and other bloggers, can get right to you!

This week I've decided to switch it up a bit. I want you to post a 'playlist' of some of your favorite summer songs, or songs that you think make a great playlist for the summertime. feel free to pick as many songs as you like, i personally have a hard time just picking a few. so anyways here's my playlist. I hope yall join me this week!!

1. Coin operated boy- the dresden dolls
2. i'm on a boat {clean version}- the lonely island
3. wagon wheel- old crowe medicine show {OCMS}
4. love shack- the B-52's
5. cheeseburger in paradise- jimmy buffett
6. margaritaville- jimmy buffett
7. i love rock-n-roll britney spears
8. I gotta feeling- black eyed peas
9. yeah!- usher
10. hey ya!- outkast
11. pocketful of sunshine- natasha bedingfield
12. hot n cold- katy perry
13. imma be- the black eyed peas
14. paper planes- MIA
15. just dance- lady gaga
16. so what- p!nk
17. rock 'n roll all nite- KISS
18. put your records on- corinne bailey rae
19. im like a bird- nelly furtado
20. chicken fried- zac brown band

don't forget to leave a comment and link up! =)


  1. Hey girly I missed ya! :0)

    I didn't know you do Music Monday's? LOL....I have to link up next week! I would today but I already did a post :0( ! I heart your play list! Super cute! I love lots of those songs ya need to add Soak up the Sun Sheryl Crow....LOL....I get al giddy and smiley when I hear it in the Spring time....I know I'm a dork!

    Summer :0)

  2. i know i love that song!!! lol ill probably be making another post later on tonight considering ive been mia, i feel its my duty. lol.

  3. love all the songs!! i can't wait until it gets warm enough to ride with the windows down with the music up! we've had a few of those days, but not near enough!!

  4. I KNOW!! I love days like that. And I love riding down the road with people out running and the day sunny oh boy oh boy!!!

  5. Great idea Haley! You better believe I was counted in on this! I like your list! I shared ten of my favorites so check it out!


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