Friday, March 5, 2010

Half full friday/Show us your life

Well there are a couple of bandwagons I will be jumping on today. Eyegirl @Life As Eye See It hosts Half Full Friday, and KellysKorner hosts Show Us Your Life. I will be presenting them because I love them both too much to not join/just pick one. :] Call me a bandwagon whore! I'll take it with pride. hehe ;)

Show Us Your Life- What is your typical day like?

Okay, so my days are always changing up. Generally my work schedule stays the same but other than that, nothing is set in stone. Unlike most of the blogs I read, I'm single with no children... therefore, I don't have any set stuff. So I decided I would switch it up a bit... I documented my day today by taking pictures of the various things I did. So wah-lah!

I woke up and turned my swag on. and just like Ke$ha, I felt like P.Diddy

Just like I start EVERY morning: I then drank my coffee, smoked a few cigarettes, and proceeded to read the newspaper.

I then decided to knit a little bit while I finished my coffee and waited for Jacob to awake from his morning nap.

I decided last night to buy an organizer for my make-up so I finally organized all my make-up into one little box rather than it all being throw into a big make-up bag. Just like any diva, I naturally a SHIT TON of make-up. Sad obsession really.

I then decided to paint my nails because in the process of organizing my make-up I came across a pretty color that somehow ended up in my make-up bag... therefore I haven't seen it in a while hehe.

Jacob Riley finally woke up from his nap so of course I played with him for a little bit before he had to eat his lunch. I know, he's adorable. Hehe!

I then got ready to leave the house to run some errands

I went to the tanning bed because I have to get my divaness on! Plus I'm super pale and I'm getting ready for that summer tan! needless to say I got super burnt. I look like a tomato...I ONLY LAID 7 MINUTES! I don't exactly know what happened...

I went and picked up my co-worker because she previously wrecked her car and she needed a ride to work. We then jammed in the parking lot til it was time to get our work on! lol

I went to work then finally got off at 8:30PM :]

When I got off I took K home and then went home myself. Hung out with my mom for a little bit and now I'm here blogging before I go to sleep. :]

That was my typical day. A day filled with twists and turns. I never know what I'm going to be doing, just like I had no idea I would be taking K to and from work. Now, go visit Kelly's Korner and tell her I sent you. *MWAH*


I absolutely love this! This will be my first Half Full Friday post and I am super excited. Sometimes I choose to see life half empty and I love this because it's a weekly reminder to see it the other way around!!

I am happy... because this week I finally bought a tanning bed package, which I've been meaning to do for several weeks now.
I am happy... because Jacob Riley got into The Giving Tree, basically the best daycare in the state of Tennessee, or possibly everywhere!
I am happy... because I have been able to frequently post this week.
I am happy... because I gained a few new followers. By the way, WELCOME! hehe.
I am happy... because I have made a new bloggy friend that I really enjoy reading her blogs and her sweet comments she leaves me. Summer
I am happy... because the weather has been pretty and is going to be even better through the weekend!
I am happy... my tips have been over $10 every work day this week.
I am happy... I picked up a few extra hours next week.
I am happy... because I have had an amazing week filled with happiness and wonderful people!

Now go visit Eyegirl! Her blog is a fabulous read! Checkkk it!

I hope everybody has had one hell of a Friday!


  1. i should have combined mine like you did! good idea :)

    i love your idea of taking pictures throughout the day. i totally should have done that!! sorry you got burnt at the tanning bed. that sucks! i always hate that! at least you have some color now :)

    glad your week was good!! and i hope next week will be just as good!

  2. Well thank you, lovely! I figured I'd mix it up a bit. I read the blogs I follow this morning while drinking my coffee and I saw the show us your life ordeal. Then I got on a thought process that lead me to realize I don't have much that I'm obligated to do so I might as well take picture of what I DO do lol.

    so you know that blog you posted about the correct pronunciation? and how you know that your blogs arent always grammatically correct and yadayadayada... i totally just read a blog and even though I liked what she had to say I ended up not following her just because she used the wrong their, there, they're, know, no, ...and she even spelt know for the word now.(it wouldve been okay if she did it occasionally but there were like 50 errors in one post...not ok, just super annoying.) I totally thought about that post and giggled out loud. haha.

  3. Thank you so much for joining me!


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