Friday, March 12, 2010

half full friday, half empty comments.

Ahhh, Friday! Most people get super excited for Friday, the weekend starts, the work stops...I on the otherhand almost DREAD Friday's! I work from 3-8 come straight home do what I need to get done and go straight to bed because I have to be up at 6AM on Saturday's. Blahhh, it's the only day of the week that I have to go in that early and it just so happens to fall on the first day of the weekend! Anyways, and so we move on!

Friday's are good for some things. Like Half Full Friday and other lovely bandwagons. I think I'll just roll with Half Full Friday today because it's starting to get late and I have a busy day ahead of me tomorrow!

Click the picture above to see what it's all about and join in!

I am HAPPY... because I have amazing friends.
I am HAPPY... that I got to go to Play Dance Bar on Wednesday. [pictures coming soon!]
I am HAPPY... I got my hair done on Tuesday. It looks BEW-TEE-MUS! [pictures coming well;)]
I am HAPPY... that Finley (my fur baby) does not have a ear infection.
I am HAPPY... that I branched outside of drinking Pinot Grigio and tried a new wine. (it's called Huck in the flavor of Blackberry. soo good and cheappp!)
I am HAPPY... because signs of spring are starting to blossom! (hehe, gettt it?)
I am HAPPY... I got to have a play date with Jacob Riley today. :)
I am HAPPY... because I got to eat sushi this week.
I am HAPPY... most of all because I have an amazing family that is always keeping me in check and making sure that I am the best "me" that I can be.

That's all for tonight. I quit writing so much because I feel like I'm wasting time. I carry the name of a comment whore to the fullest. I make sure people know they are read and cared about, obviously my blog ain't up to par. Either way, I'll continue leaving comments and posting randomness. I prefer to have 0 comments then to have people commenting out of carelessness. I only want comments from people that do really enjoy reading. With that being said, I hope everyone had a good Friday!


  1. i love reading your blog :) sometimes i don't comment for a while and then i just go through and comment on every post. haha! glad you had a great week! sushi sounds SO good!

  2. Haha no worries. I was just bugged out last night today I don't much care. Afterall I only have 8 followers I can't expect too much. And the sushi was pretty good idk what kind it wa ause our friend suprised us with it at work but it was still yummy!

  3. I just heart your blog! Cute post! I have never had sushi before but everyone says it's yummy! I may have to try it!

    Oooh I can't wait til spring either and I'm glad your fur baby doesn't have an ear infection....

    Have a great weekend
    summer :0)

  4. Thank you for joining me again this week.

    I love sushi!

  5. Summer: I know me too. Luckily my yorkie doesn't but my shih tzu does. :( youshould definately try sushi. Start off with the California roll bc they always saythats the best for beginners. Plus that's what I started off with and I love it lol.

    Eyegirl: ur welcome! Half full Friday always brightens my mode.


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