Sunday, March 28, 2010

Celebrity Crush: Josh DeVine

So I was in high hopes that this week will be better than last. It's looking like that could be a possibility! I watched the weather forecast tonight and oh boy oh boy is our 7-day looking niiice!!!

Monday- 53 20% chance of rain. Tuesday 65 Sunny, Wednesday 73 Sunny, Thursday 75 Sunny, Friday 78 Sunny, AND SATURDAY 80 SUNNY!!!!!!! Score!

Speaking of the news, I don't know if I've ever mentioned this before or not… but I'm a diehard Channel 4 News watcher. When Dan Miller died, I cried. My heart broke. A part of me felt like a family member had passed away, after all he was with us at the dinner table every night, not in person but on the television screen. Anyways… getting to the point I watch it over any other news source. Well I just so happen to be talking amongst a few friends the other day and the subject of "celebrity crushes" came up. I'm a pretty realistic person, sometimes too much so. So when asked who my celebrity crush was I had no other choice but to blurt out my local news anchor crush. Their automatic reaction, "Who is that?" "Is he that one guy that played in that one movie…No no his name was Josh Duhamel". I guess because in my mind it's the closest thing to a celebrity in my realistic fashion. Plus I'm pretty sure it would happen over being with Brad Pitt or George Clooney or any other celeb. Anyways, after explaining who it was I was laughed at. ::sigh:: All the "celebrities" they named were, of course, big buff guys. My celebrity crush? If you can really even call it that, is a news reporter for Channel 4 News, a local Nashville news station. He is not some big buff guy with Patrick Swayze looks, but he is a huge Christian, which above all is what attracts me. I think he is the most adorable guy ever, after reading his facebook profile I realized that my soul mate would have much of his characteristics. He's a coffee drinker, a thoughtful thinker, a writer, a runner, he reads, he has style, he's humorous, and he is as his blog says, "a man in process". Does anyone know who I'm talking about yet? His name is Josh DeVine, and well… I think he's 'DeVine'. Lol. He's 29..I'm only 21… I doubt I would ever have the chance with a guy that is 8 years older than me + is a celebrity in my book HA! I never even knew about him until my mom one day told me to go read his facebook profile because she declared he was my soul mate through what he had written in his interests and what-not. She put emphasis on the fact that he likes coffee and naps, much like I do. Lol. Anyways though there's no hope there and I wouldn't have a chance in hell, my point is that he is my 'celeb' crush. :) Because my friends got so much humor out of this, the next day I received this photo in a text message:

Noticed they decided it would be a great idea to make my picture be one of where I look extremely excited, so much to the point I could pee my pants.

Who is/are your celebrity crush(es)?


  1. I just laughed right out loud! Girly you still have a chance friend my hubby is 10 years older than me sooo 8 years ya still have a shot....LOL What a funny pic they sent ya totally sounds like something my friends would do!

    My celeb crush is Vin Diesel....Ooooh he's a hottie....

    Summer ;0)

  2. Haha I haven't even thought of or heard of vin diesel in forever. That's pretty funny though. Yeah idk I think mr devine is a cutiepatootie. Maybe I'm crazy. Ha! But seriously if you ever read his blogs you would start crushing too! Or maybe he's just too much of what I'm into. Who knows. Anywaysss hope you're doing good sweetie!!

  3. I have a huge crush on Gerard Butler. Swoon!

  4. Valerie: okay okay you got me on that one. There's nothing I live more than an irishman! I'll have to post about the Irish guy I met. :)

  5. hahahahaha! i thought "isn't that the news guy???". and it is!! that is too funny! and that's crazy that he's only 29! girl, go for it :)

  6. oh, and i was totally crushed when dan miller died, too. it was so unexpected. i really liked him! i even saw him one day and was kind of star struck! haha

  7. Bailey- haha yeah I think he's absolutely adorable. For all I know I would meet him and I would be bored but the way he portrays himself through fb and his blog... Well I can't help but think him and I would make great friends!! I'm ironically glad that someone else felt for dan miller. I feel like he was a major part of our home and I was horribly upset and also sad for Demetria bc that was her bestfriend :(


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