Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Why lookie there! What do we have here!

{via google images}
Ah, it's that time. I promised this week that I would get around to posting the pictures that I have been promising for close to a month now. Well, here they are. Warning, you may suffer from POS {photo-overload-syndrome} by the time you finish this... that is... if you make it to the end. :] I hope all of you have a fabulous hump day (ok maybe I'm immature but I always giggle at that). Oh and btw, I ended up only working 8 hours instead of 13!! Wooot wooot! My dad called in reinforcement because well, mother-nature took a hard hit at me. Today was rough, to say the least. Nevertheless, I'll stop babbling. I hope you all enjoy and I didn't just waste a buncha time. (hence, my computer is slow as hell).

First&Foremost: My -not so new anymore- HAIR!

The Before & After Shot
{admit it, you love the elvis!}

Front View {you'll have to excuse me, I was at work so I had my hair up :[}

Top View {I love all the different colors :]}

{Play Dance Bar}

S, M, & Me

B&M {okay, so they're not really together. B actually as a boyfriend but M always tells him that she is going to be his and his boyfriends serogate mother because she thinks they'd make pretty babies. i totally agree with that assumption.}

S, B, & Me {I love how this picture looks scrapbooked. hehe}

M, T, & Me {Divas? yupp that's riiight!}

{Pub Crawl}

One of my dearest and best friends, Abbie, & I

Abbie, Montgomery, Me, and Sky
Us from the south? Pshhh... how could you tell? Definately not by the plaid shirt, camo hat, and the budweiser sign in the background! Heh...Heh...

Ah! We meet the end of the road!! I hope you enjoyed my not so pro photo skills. HA! A few points before I go to sleep aka end this blog post... Did anyone watch Idol tonight? I'm so happy ol'girl went home. Too bad she didn't carry out her performances like she did on her last song... she might of had a chance. Face it, she gave up! Also, I'm thinking about doing a giveaway once I reach 10 followers. When I get a few more over 10, I think I'm going to treat myself to a BBB blog design. Just a thought! Anyways okay I'm going... forrreal this time. Goodnight my beauties.


  1. I'm with you girly I giggle everytime I type, hear or write Happy Hump's too funny LOL.... Girl I love your hair!! I had my hair Chunked with all different fab carmel colors before I got sick and dye become my non friend :0(! Your soooo pretty! Yay you didn't have to work 12 hours boo mother nature came and messed up your day!

    You and your friends look like ya'll are having lots of fun....

    Oh and P.S. I'm lovin the Elvis Hahahahaha

    Summer :0)

  2. Haha thanks girl!! I'm happy didnt have to workthe 13hrs either!! Definately a perk of having my dad as my boss!! Ha! I really dunno what I would do without hair color!! I haven't seen my natural hair since 7th grade in middle school!!!! HA! (my moms a cosmetologist it was bound to happen lol) and yes we had soo much fun those nights! I hope you're doing good I've actually been meaning to talk to you about something. Hope to hear from u soooon! ;)

  3. Kelcee is lots of fun...she is my sunshine I tell ya....that girl is a mini me....she has such a happy fun personality!! I just love her soooo much ;0)

    Oh what did ya wanna talk to me about girly?
    Summer ;0)

  4. love the hair girly! about to email you back now. sorry it's taken so long!!

  5. I love your hair!! It's so cute! Makes me want to get my hair done :)

  6. Well thank you!! I love it as well. The color and the cut. She razored enough throughout my crown so I can definately get a "poof" going lol :)


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