Monday, March 22, 2010

help me help you // dwts

I feel so blah! My sinuses are really getting the best of me and it blows! I was so excited to be able to get on tonight and make a fun blog post. It's getting that time where I normally come and hop in bed and write a blog then go to sleep. Yet tonight, much like the past few, I rather go to sleep then to even think about opening up my laptop.

However there is so much in my agenda for blog posts. I need to post the pictures of my new hair do, this weekends pub crawl, I need to help one of my dear bloggie friends install their blog button, and the list goes on. Most of all, I want to do some sort of questionaire that will help me help you to better understand me. It's almost like I feel as though I know way too much about my blog friends yet I feel as if I'm hiding behind a curtain. I don't mean to, yet it's just the way things have fallen into place. I'm not going to do one of those blog posts where you can ask me questions and then I respond in a later post. Considering I only have 8 followers, and I get the impression that there are only 3 actual people that do read I feel as though it would be a waste of time. However, if there is something you want to know about me... feel free to ask me in a comment on this post and I will respond to a comment on this post as well.


Furthermore, dancing with the stars came on tonight. I'm going start my commentary by saying this: I always knew dancing could be {and is} very sexual. I think the judges took it to a whole new level though. It started with Bruno saying "you have a huge...huge...huge... talent". Carrie Ann then followed it up with "you have to hit it with rhythm, you have to hit it hard". {if you were wondering, both of these statements were in regards to Chad Ochocinco's dancing skills}. Later Erin Andrews, an ESPN corresponder, says "I've heard you get very very hard". Maybe this is me with my mind in the gutter, but I'm just saying... some of the comments made tonight definately took a few turns.

Was it me or was Pamela Anderson being overly sexual everytime the camera was on her. SLUT. lol. Her dancing partner sure did make sure he kept her close at all times. Needless to say her hair was a knotted mess. Looks like she had just made another sex tape, this time not with Tommy Lee but with her dance instructor/partner. Suprisingly Neicy Nash did pretty good. I think she's adorable, her and her jiggly-parts. (if you watched tonight you know exactly what i'm talking about)I think Nash's performance was probably my favorites, yet Nicole from the Pussycat Dolls wasn't so bad either. It's hard to pick who I think will win it all right now because the first show is always a rough draft.

That's all for now. Tomorrow I hope to post: post it note tuesday and the pictures of my hair. No promises. Especially since I have to go into work 2 hours early tomorrow, oh well can't hate the money. Anyways I hope everybody made it threw "a case of the mondays". I sure am glad I did.


  1. I thought the same exact thing about Anderson! It got on my nerves so bad!! My fave was the Pussycat doll, or it could be that she is with Derek who I just love!! I hope Anderson doesn't make it much longer honestly. I loved Nash's dance too! She is so funny, and I like watching her on The Insider.

  2. is it bad to say that I feel as if Anderson gives DWTS a bad name? I mean she's really taking that show to a whole different level. Notice everyones outfits seemed quite classy tonight and then there was Anderson in a pink dress that looked like a shirt... maybe i'm just being too harsh because I find that she was a horrible choice for the show. I personally would not want my children watching that... if I had children lol.

  3. oh! ps. -heather- thank you for my email! i've been seriously overwhelmed this past week and for some reason your email really brightened me up.

  4. Haley I just laughed right out loud at your post about Pamela Anderson! I wrote about it this morning too! I thought she was flipping her hair like nobody's business.....she was um a little to sexual....your comment cracks me up....I am still have such a cute blog....

    Hope you feel better soon and get over those sickies....sinuses does blow....literally LOL
    Summer :0)

  5. That is exactly what I said to my mom! I told her that she is making DWTS a little too sexy, more "XRated" I guess!! I said exactly this to my mom, "She was moving like this and flipping her hair like this and rubbing up on her dance partner!" None of the other dancers rub up on each other like she did him. Uncalled for!!

    =) I'm glad the email brightened you up!!


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