Sunday, March 28, 2010

Music Monday!

Ah, we meet again! This week's MM is to post a song that you love to dance around in the living room to. A song that you find yourself getting overly giddy when it starts to play, a song that brightens your rainy day. (Oops, that unintentionally rhymed!)

My song choice, personally, makes me want to dance around in my oversized t-shirt and my underwear! LOVE IT. Of course, I'll have a hairbrush in hand to replace where a microphone should be… dancing and prancing and acting like a star! (because really, in my world, I am.)

Drum Roll? Please? ….. Perfect day by Hoku.

I originally heard this song on Legally Blonde when it first came out. I've basically been addicted ever since. It's one of those songs that you store away for a while and bam one day bring it out and let your stardom shine! Oh yes!

What's your dancing and prancing jam? Ya know… that song that makes you get up off your feet and bounce around like you're 5 years old again… ya, that one? Considering I posted this late in the day, I'm extending it till midnight on Tuesday. Please leave a your link in the comment section. Happy Monday, ya'll!


  1. I just got your comment! I went back and added what you was doing to mine haha!! So I have two videos now. Take your time on that email really!! I bet the buttons are adorable. I watched one episode of Y&R but couldn't hook into it sadly!! Have a great week!

  2. O.K. girl....we are so much alike.....this song is my go to song when I am feeling down....and yep I sing in my t-shirt, in the bathroom while brushing my teeth using my toothbrush as a microphone...LOL....I get all giddy and everything is all better....oh and I heart Legally Blonde and a few to many times....people have told me I act like her character LOL....I think I may be ALOT dingy....

    SUmmer :0)


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