Monday, March 1, 2010

HTML, say what?

Hooray for the new changes to my blog! Okay, I know my "design" will never amount to anything that Bailey, over at AddictedToAddison, has the ability to do, simply because I think she works wonders when it comes to blog design. Anyways, check out her site! She's new to the blog design world (yet much more advanced than I can or ever will be lol) but she's definately creating a name for herself! Anyways... CHECK HER OUT! Do it.. now.

Today has amounted to nothing more than a lazy Monday, much like yesterday. Though I did make progress on personalizing my blog, that's basically all I did. I didn't even shower nor did I make breakfast (skipped it), nor lunch (my mom was sweet enough to make lunch for us), nor dinner (pizzzza night!)... ah the true meaning of laziness!! Most people experience "a case of the Monday's" every single Monday. I, on the other hand, have Monday off of work. So normally I spend my Monday's hiding at my house avoiding the "case of the Mondays". :] Cool life, I know.

Tomorrow I will being going to work. I'm happy about it actually. When I have two days off in a row (just like I do...every week) I start to miss work. I don't know if you can necessarily say I "miss" it, but I feel like apart of me is just not right. Yet all week long I keep saying that I can't wait til Saturday because it's my last day of work (in my work week, anyways) and then I get two days off. I don't know, maybe it's just that I invest all of my time there and it starts to catch up.

Anyways, I'm cutting it short tonight (okay, here is where YOU can enter your sigh of relief... if you've even made it this far hehe) I'm tired. Goodnight all. I hope you had an amazing Monday and didn't let a case of the Monday's drag you too far down. ;)

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