Saturday, March 6, 2010

summer is givin' it away!

If you don't know this diva, well now is definately the time!

Summer is giving away a gorgeous little gift! Want to know what it is? Well I refuse to tell you, in order to find out click the button (picture) above.

Summer is an amazing blogger. She is such a sweet sweet girl and has a definate passion for life which is extremely clear to see through her blogs. Head over and check her out, you'll be highly pleased. Let her know The Diva Bee sent you! ;)

I hope everybody's weekend has been good!
I know mine has been! Last night I got off work, blogged, and hit the sack. Not much of a Friday but I was still grateful for such a happy and pretty day. This morning I headed into work early at 6:30AM. I got a head start on prep and I actually finished 2hrs early!

I also talked to Cody for a little bit today. He's my exboyfriend that is currently serving his country by being in the army. [though we're no longer together and we have both had relationships since, we still keep in contact and are very good friends]. I took a nap and told him I would message him on yahoo as soon as I woke up which was around 2. I still haven't heard from him so I'm slightly worried. (if he wasn't currently overseas, I wouldn't be...). Anyways, hopefully I'll hear something sometime soon. Afterall, there's a HUGE time difference between here and there!

This is a picture of Cody & I at a Titans football game this past season.

you'll have to excuse our sweatiness, it was EXTREMELY hot!

Well that's all for tonight. I have a busy day ahead of me tomorrow, so I'll hopefully be able to catch up then! Goodnight & Sweetdreams, bloggers!

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