Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bloggin' Book Worm!

Back when I was in school, aside from studying, I was reading books left and right. So much so that due to lack of monetary funds I made myself slow down on the reading because I was going through books so fast that I could not keep up. I was constantly finding new books I wanted to read and as soon as I was done with one I would go buy another and the pattern continued. It was to the point where if I went a day without something to read it would drive me nuts. I would start asking all my friends for good books and then leaving their dorm room unsatisfied I would start browsing amazon left and right. Ridiculous, I'm aware. Reading was undeniably my anti-drug. haha. Nevertheless I find myself now and I have come to a point where I just don't read anymore. Oh book obsession, where have you gone? Wierd fact: I cherish my books so much that when someone asks to borrow one I slowly melt down inside...and change the subject extremely fast. yeah I'm a freak. Soo, anyways... I have a book right now that I have read about 3/4 of and another book that I bought when I was on a "reading high horse" and I really want to get back into reading. Coincidentally they're both by Nicholas Sparks. The one I've read most of is "The Rescue" and the one that I haven't cracked the spine yet is, "A Bend in the Road". So anyways, that's my objective this week. Besides going to the gym now that I'm back to my 'healthy' self.

Anyways, I thought I would share some of my FAVORITE reads with you! Let the nerd-a-thon begin:

Sunday's At Tiffany's

by James Patterson


This is an absolutely amazing book! Everytime someone goes to ask me what's your favorite book this is the first book that always pops into my mind. Absolutely mind blowing. You'll definately need a box of tissues, handsdown! An Imaginary Friend, True Love, and an End with a Twist!

Prozac Nation
By: Elizabeth Wurzel
I read this book back when I was a Sophomore in high school. My best friend Katelyn's sister, Kendil, had it sitting on the kitchen counter and I just so happened to start browsing through it and reading bits a pieces. I instantly fell in love, even though I was not a big reader I demanded that she let me borrow it, in return she did. (hell, I was basically apart of her family... I wouldn't have expected otherwise) Anyways it was the first book I had ever read front to back and sincerely enjoyed. Later the first paper I was assigned as a freshman in college was a literary memoir, this was the book I wrote mine on. As a freshman in high school I was diagnosed with depression and this book helped me any many ways. However, it's not a how-to book... it's a memoir. Yet for once in my life I realized that someone elses thoughts and life were truly more messed up than my own. If you've ever battled with depression, I highly suggest this book, hell I suggest it even if you've never had a sad day in your life! Depression, Drugs, a Broken Home, and a society that is clearly not going to except any of it.
By Ellen Hopkins
This is a great group of books. Ellen Hopkins writes in a poetry form and somehow it makes it to where you just CAN'T put the book down! Each book is about issues that society faces in everyday life. Some more unfortunate than others. However, I do suggest reading Crank before reading Glass because Glass is the sequel. In September of this year Hopkins will be releasing the final sequel in the series, Fallout. :] For more information on these books you can visit
Addition Favorites!
-The Wedding by Nicholas Sparks
-Something Borrowed by Emily Giffon
-Secret Fantasy by Carly Phillips
-Sam's Letters to Jennifer by James Patterson
So tell me, what's some of your favorite reads? :]
On another note...
Here's a random thought: I got to thinking about the whole "Texarkana" or whatever the combination of Texas-Arkansas is. If the people that say they live there due to the location of the stateline, would that mean I live in Kentessee? Clarthie, Kentessee? Because I live on the boarder of Clarksville, Tennessee and Guthrie, Kentucky... eh just a thought.

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