Monday, February 1, 2010

homemade by the diva herself

So tonight I customized my blog to the best of my ability of knowing how. I still don't much get the whole concept but whatever. Here it is. Until I decide that spending money for a blog design is worth it or until I can actually get money in the bank, this is what ya get. Homemade by the diva herself. :]

Today's been lazy. I had the day off, like all Monday's. Hungout with my mom and Jacob Riley and basically did nothing but stay in my pajamas and put some hard work into chillaxin, that's all. I watched The Young and the Restless and the Bachelor. Other than that I didn't much watch any TV. Just worked on this for a while till I was satisfied with the design, which I still don't much care for (but you shall look at it and you shall love it.. I demand it! okay just kidding).

I don't much have anything to talk about. Laziness is never an exciting venture. Tomorrow I plan on getting some stuff done. I really need to get out of the house. Maybe I'll call up an old friend and go on a coffee date. Hmm, sounds quite amazing actually. Well alright I guess I'll get off here now, til tomorrow or whenever I post next! Goodnight fellow bloggers, even though none of you are reading this. :] hehe.


  1. i like the header that you made! and the signature! super cute!! good job :)

  2. Thanks girl :] now if I could customize the rest I'd be in business, ha. I'm just not a huge fan of my layout including the header even though I spent hours on it. I don't know how you have the patience!

  3. i've figured it all out :) it doesn't really take me that long to do the stuff anymore. and honestly, i just googled everything that i wanted to learn and there were tutorials that i found. you should do that :) or i can help! i can walk you through some stuff, free of charge!!

  4. that would be awesome. do you have an email I can reach u at?

  5. sorry! i just saw that you replied :) my email is


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