Sunday, February 28, 2010

a little bit of this & a whole bunch of that

This is my third entry today. Cut me some slack, I haven't been able to post in a while so now I'm letting loose and getting wild with it! haha. I even made a new layout. :) Hooray! Anyways... To catch you up on what's been left unsaid:

Jonathan and I are no longer on talking terms. I'm okay with that. I don't see the point in him remaining in my life if all he's going to do is pick arguments. Therefore, dumping the baggage has left me feeling relieved and lively!

I came down with a sinus infection last weekend. My dad gave it to my mom, my mom gave it to me, and my dad gave it to basically all the employees as well. So last Saturday was pretty rough. Three people had sinus infections and one had strep throat. So those who weren't sick had to end up pulling long hours to cover the shifts of those who were.

Two Wednesday's ago I went out with my co-workers. We went to Nashville to a gay club called PLAY. It was TOO much fun! Though my parents raised some eyebrows when I told them that's where we were going, after all was said and done they peaked interest as well. Everyone there is so happy and inviting. Afterall, considering it's a gay club it finally gives freedom to the gay community to be themselves with no scrutiny to follow. So who couldn't be happy? I met tons of amazing people! Needless to say, if you've never seen a drag show, you definately should look into it! To my suprise, the club was extremely clean, there was no drama, and the atmosphere felt extremely safe [unlike many other bars]. Anyways, needless to say, it was the most fun I've had in a very long long time!

My mom finally threw in the towel and told my sister she was going to have to take Jacob to daycare because she just can't stop her life anymore. (afterall, I don't blame her... she doesn't even have time to clean the house anymore. and if any of you reading this know me, you know my mom is a clean freak) So my mom and sister went daycare browsing. They went to The Giving Tree, they were both impressed with the high standards that were present. After their trips, my sister came to the realization it would be healthier to get him into daycare where he can socialize and mingle. After all was said and done, it came out to be a positive thing...which is always a plus!

Last night was really good. It's definately something I needed. I went to have coffee with Sidney at Starbucks. We stayed there for a while until we decided to go on a little bit of a shopping tour. A pair of heels, a black clutch, two shirts, and a birthday present later I met up with one of my best friends, Abbie. She attends school at Auburn but was in town for the weekend. We met up at APSU then went downtown. We first went to the Tap Room where we were hit on by army guys. Courtney and Abbie quickly dismissed themselves to the bar. I continued being a bitch to the guy because he wasn't getting the point that I, nor my friends, were interested in him or anything he might have to offer. Later we got the munchies so we headed downstairs to the Blackhorse Pub & Brewery where we got the famous beer cheese dip... that stuff is all of amazing! Then we parted our ways after running into a few people we knew and finishing our dip. I then headed to get gas then make my way to Speak Easy. I felt the need to make an appearance since I hadn't been there in such a long time. Of course as soon as I walked in everyone automatically came up and attacked me with hugs and the casual "oh my gosh where have you been". I quickly made my departure and headed home where I crawled in bed and fell fast asleep. :]

Now that you are all caught up I will now tell you why my dogs name, of all names, is Bootie. One weekend my parents and I went to the flea market. We weren't set out on getting anything particular we were just there to browse. Then we stumbled upon a little booth set up where an elderly couple had a play pin with a few shih tzu's in it. Of course, being the dog lovers that we are we strolled over and picked one up. While all of the other pups were sleeping there was just one little boy staring upwards as if he were saying, "please pick me, I promise I'll behave!" Needless to say he came home with us that evening. We already had one little girl shih tzu, the now late Samantha. Needless to say it took us forever to actually name him. We thought about everything: butterball, nugget, lil boy, prince, etc. Finally my mom was introduced to the song 'Bootylicious' by Destiny's Child. So after two weeks of calling him "HEY" my mom started telling him he was bootylicious and then it stuck. Of course, we cut it down to just "Bootie" but really a name couldn't fit him better. He's definately my precious baby. I love him. :] So there's that story hehe.

Okay, now that I've written a novel, I'm getting sleepy. So goodnight for now, I hope everyone had a good weekend!!

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