Sunday, February 28, 2010

Photo Tag!

Thanks to Bailey at Addicted To Addison I am now doing a photo tag post! I love little things like this, so of course I got super excited and giddy! So anyways, here we go...

The Rules:
1. open your 1st photo folder.
2. scroll to the 10th photo.
3. post the photo and the story behind it.
4. tag 5 or more people.

Meet Bootie!
Bootie is my lovely shih tzu. He's my absolute world, really! [What's behind the name? It will come later...] Anyways, we had just finished putting in our pool and having the fence installed and what not in this picture. Bootie is definately an indoor dog but when we're outside he goes as well. Before we had the fence we always had to keep a close eye on him and he really couldn't have full freedom. Well, once the fence was installed we would just go do whatever on the porch while Bootie did his own thing. So this was the first day Bootie got to enjoy some more freedom, he rolled around in the grass and played and then finally wore himself out... so he sunbathed! :]

Hope you enjoyed my photo tag! Considering I haven't made lots of blog friends yet,I can't really tag anyone. However, I will tag Terisa over at Terisa Simpson in hopes that she will get back into her blog!! lol.

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