Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ohh The Weather Outside...

is frightful? Maybe not quite yet. Supposively we're suppose to be getting hit with a huge weather storm yet I haven't seen signs thus far. Then again it's not really suppose to hit til 6am tomorrow. Eh, we'll see.

Okay, so time for a little rant.

How Are You? I swear, you could ask 10 people in 1 day how they're doing and I feel it's safe to say that 9.999 out of those 10 are going to tell you "Oh, I'm good"... why do we lie? Why do we not just go on and spit it out? "Oh, I'm good... minus the fact that my boyfriends cheating on me, I have a sinus infection, my job sucks, I want to kill my boss, and every night when I go to bed I have to take a whole box of puffs plus because my tear stained cheeks need to be tended too..." I mean this isn't the case for me but still. In all reality when someone says "How are you?" they're not really asking you how you are... what they're really saying is "I have nothing to really say to spark up a good convo so here's a little bit of small talk to pass through this awkward run in at the grocery store while I have an economy size box of condoms in my buggy and you have a prescription of valiums and three cases of beer in yours." If I were honest everytime someone asked me how I was, I would probably be known as the town freak. I would be known as the girl that everyone knows not to ever ask, "how are you?" to.

end rant.

So here lately I've been extremely distant. Lately meaning the past two days but yeah... so anyways I've had several phone calls from friends these past two days and for some reason, even though I'm not busy, I just really don't want to answer the phone (and I don't). It's not that I'm trying to be rude but I really know the question is going to come. "How are you?" I don't want to tell them that the guy I love and I are no longer together because he's moving away and I decided I'm not moving with him. I almost feel like a joke. Like oh haha, another one of Haley's relationships has failed. Go you diva! :tears: The only problem is the fact that this one didn't go down the gutter. This relationship wasn't ended by yelling and screaming and let's see how much we can tear each other apart and who will walk away from this one alive. This relationship was ended with tears on both parts and both of us have broken hearts. Okay, I'm not going to get into this tonight cause I've cried myself asleep enough.

Tomorrow I may or may not be going to work. Depends on the weather and whether or not my dad decides to keep the businesses up-n-going or close em down because he knows business is going to suck. Hell, we should already know by now that it is going to suck. Anytime Montgomery County schools are closed due to snow business sucks and we end up closing at six instead of eight. As much as I want the hours, another part of me wants to be lazy all day. Eh, we'll see.

For now I'm going to bed though. My eyes are burning and heavy. Oh! By the way, I only have like two more days of medicine. Hoooooray!!

Okay, Goodnight all!

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