Saturday, February 18, 2012


what have I been doing for the past few weeks you ask? I've been working like a slave, hitting the gym, and trying to squeeze sleep somewhere in the mix.

We've been having troubles with employees so naturally I'm there to catch the slack. One of our daytime employees put her two week notice in due to moving to Texas. Meanwhile we had been trying to find a solid replacement but two weeks isn't much time to find someone and get them fully trained and up to speed. So while trying to find a day time person we decided to make one of our night crew members, SAB, work days till training was over. SAB was also our meat stripper so it kind of worked out. Minus the fact that all in this process we had two employees start college which limited their work hours and one of them couldn't even work Tuesday and Thursday's. Want to talk about tight scheduling! So if that wasn't enough, SAB being the SAB that she is decides to leave us hanging high and dry in the midst. So now we don't have a day worker for one store, nor a meat stripper, and we have even had to call one of our previous employees that was with us for over 10 years to come in and help us out, thank god she was happy to oblige. To sum things up I've been roughly pulling 50+ hours a week. My day starting at 4 am and ending somewhere around 4pm Monday through Friday. I never get to finally sit down and rest till almost 8 every night and by that point it's time for bed. It's a chore to even shower or try to figure out what's goin to be for dinner.

Other news, Honey and I have started to hunt for our "hopefully in the very near future" home. We really need to head to the bank soon and get prequalified especially with the mortgage rates being at only an astonishing 2%. So if you've ever looked for a house before you know the process is draining. I already know this and I'm just now scratching the surface. So keep me and honey in your prayers!

Also before I wrap this bad boy up I need to add that my Giveaway is still on. I've had it posted for a month now with very few entries. So unless I get a handful more of entries I'm going to trash the giveaway and present it again in a few months. So try to promote it ;) for those of you that havent been around in a while it's a $25 gift card.

Hopefully I will be able to post again soon. Tomorrow Honey, TRex, Miller, and I are going to travel an hour and some to visit this little 1800s settlement. There's a restaurant and gift shops and whatnot so that should be fun. Hope everyone has a great weekend !!

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  1. Good luck w/ your house hunting! I've never gone through the process but I know it's completely exhausting (and totally worth it in the end)!


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