Sunday, January 29, 2012

hello, goodbye

First things first this has been one busy Sunday! But plenty of fun. Woke up and drank coffee then headed straight for work. Then I went and picked up little Jacob Riley so we could take him to Kids N Play for Honey's cousins birthday party. Honeys family loveddd him, I mean who couldn't? Even though he hadnt had a nap he was still behaving extremely well. We left there and headed to Honeys where we watched some history show on sharks, because Jacob is obsessed with them! Him and I crawled in the recliner and took a nap while Honey took a cat nap on the sofa. I didn't even realize we had all fallen asleep till honey woke me up and told me it was time to go to Little S's going away party.

Do I really need to explain how hard it was waking this precious boy up? He actually wasn't cranky at all. He did, however, stare at me like I had five heads when he finally opened his eyes. It didn't take him too long to figure out where he was though. He turned and saw TRex standing in the kitchen and just stared. Apparently he's never scene such an abundance of muscle lol. He even behaved for his diaper change. Woopwoop!

We headed to the party where I returned him to his mommy yet wanted nothing todo with her and everything to do with his Pawpaw. Once again he was the life of the party...

Mogo decided to put his hair in a ponytail on top of his head, he definitely was not a fan. He's sitting by his pawpaw, no surprise there.

It was so hard saying goodbye. Work isn't going to be the same without Little S. Not only was it hard saying goodbye to S but to Jacob as well. I already miss that little man.

Running after a two year old all day completely wore honey and I out. Honeys in bed as I'm typing and I'm about to head that way myself.

I'm definitely not ready for the work week ahead. I haven't decided whether or not to confront Bee on her betraying actions or not. Maybe I'll let her continue thinking she's playing me like a fool in order to keep peace. As far as pretending everything is okay though I'm not going there. I'm not going to treat her as if she's any type of friend to me let alone a best friend. Trust is one thing I don't give very easily and once you betray that...HOLLA!

Hope everyone had a fab weekend. Mine was topped off pretty splendidly.

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  1. What a cutie. He kind of looks like you :)
    Sucks the Bee isn't being a good friend right now. I've been there and it's not fun. I'm curious about what's she done but good for you for at least considering to keep the peace.


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