Saturday, January 7, 2012

Valium vs Crack

I have learned a significant difference between Honey and I. Obviously we're going to have our differences, that's a given. After a year of being together you would expect that I would have learned this way before now. When it comes to our Saturday mornings I like to ease out of bed, so does Honey, yet when it comes to us actually being out of bed he likes to go full force. Eat some breakfast, plan our day, and get to it. Um hello? No! I like to start my day with some caffeine, a cigarette, and relaxation. Monday through Friday I have to get out of bed and haul ass through my morning for work. Saturday I don't want to spend my mornings doing the same. I want to take it at ease, reflect on my week then get stuff done. Sometimes I even try to get out of bed a bit earlier than he does to get a head start on him and his 'get-r-done' outlook. However it never fails as soon as I wiggle my way out of bed he wakes up and is ready to go. My morning is much like a Valium induced coma his more like a crack induced hype. metaphorically speaking of course. Needless to say my favorite Saturday morning activity is getting up, smoking a cigarette while indulging in caffeine and all the while perusing over blogs and updating mine...which here lately I have fallen short on. Don't miss my giveaway! You can enter HERE. It has been brought to my attention that readers from outside of the US are not eligible so I will work on a quick fix for that. Not mentioned in the giveaway post: I was not endorsed to provide this giveaway. in no way contacted me to do so, it's strictly on my own terms. Coming soon: a series on awkward one night stands. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

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  1. 'crack induced hype' haha. You make me laugh. I'm kind of in between, but my mom is definitely like you, but to the extreme. She has her coffee, her smoke then takes forever to get ready after that.


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