Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What I'm loving Wednesday! +giveaway

Happy Hump Day! I'm more than excited that this weekend is halfway over, just an FYI. I didn't sleep good last night, I tossed and turned literally all night. If I were to say, it had to do with the fact that I was pretty much crying my eyes out right before I fell asleep. Apparently when someone commits suicide in front of your car there is no "claim" that it falls under. Thus meaning all damage and expenses come out of my insurance and what insurance doesn't pay comes out of my pockets. Being that it's now up to $1200 just out of my pocket, well let's just say it's a tough pill to swallow. The only way I can get "his side" to pay is by going after his family. In no way shape or form am I interested in doing so. It's not there responsibility, nor do I feel it's mine but in the end someone has to cough up the cash and though it's really putting a hurt on me, I don't think his family should have to suffer through any more than they have with losing their child. I just have to let it be in God's hands.

But enough about depressing stuff, let's get on to what I'm loving this Wednesday! That's right! I'm linking up with Jamie for What I'm Loving Wednesday!

My sweet, sweet Honey recently purchased him and I a set of Plantronics 903+ Backbeat earphones! Ohhh they're amazing!!

They sync via Bluetooth with your iPhone. While I'm at the gym, hitting the weight room, it never fails I always end up in some sort of tangled knot with my iPhone earphones. (I use my iphone as my iPod, even though I own three iPods, don't ask). No more though! Now I can use my belt clip and put my iPhone on my hip and not worry about any strings. If no strings isn't good enough, if someone calls me I can quickly answer it...finish the call...then continue listening to my jams. Um, can it get any better? Why yes! I can control the volume with them, they're rechargeable, I can go back and forth between songs, anddd I can press the power button while they're in use and it informs me of how much battery life I have remaining. Yes, my boyfriend is the besttttt! I seriously cannot wait to hit the gym with this bad boy!

What are you loving!?

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  1. K, totally slackin' on the blog reads. LOVE those headphones! Sweet deal! I might have to check into those when I get back in the groove! :)


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