Saturday, January 14, 2012

Tell All Series v.1.0

As previously mentioned in my giveaway post, I will be starting a new "tell all" series. Each series will be some sort of collection of a different "tell all" subject. It will be week to week, no particular day. Some will be about motherhood, some about sex, some about nothing particular.

Via google Tell all v1.0- The Awkward One Night Stand We all may have them, few actually talk about them. Bee Some friends and I went out one evening obviously indulging in quite a bit of liquid encouragement. Being the wild party animal I once was I indulged a lot. I ended up going home with a guy and the next morning I was woken up in a room filled with condom wrappers and his mother screaming, "get this little whore out of my house!". Apparently, as I was told in a sober mind later, I sat up looking directly at his mother and laughed then went back to sleep. The most awkward part? A month or so later I became his girlfriend. How's that for meeting the parents...twice. stay tuned to read about Miller's experience with the late night, coffee drinking mother (v.1.1) Don't forget to enter my current giveaway! Only two entries so far end 2/29/2012! $25 gift card! You're chances are looking good. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

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