Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunday update

With house hunting and limited time I have not been able to get to the winner of my $25 gift card to Hopefully I will be able to generate the winner this week and announce.

I decided to do a little update as far as the house hunting is going. My nerves have been in a total wreck the past several days. We found a house Honey and I both loved however it wasn't meant to be. We were in competition with another buyer and the seller went with the better offer. We could've offered more but equally decides that we would follow our hearts and if it was meant to be it would happen. The circumstances were a little different. The seller and their realtor are related, the house had been on the market for close to 60 days with no offers on the table and then all of a sudden when the realtor knew we were interested she informed my realtor that there was now a mysterious offer on the table as well. Not only did she disclose the information about the offer be existant she also went against the rules and told us, not an exact number, but that the offer was above asking price. Now if you look at the details it seemed to us as if she was trying to call our bluff and get us to ask more. Naturally that's how we came to our decision, we would offer only 900$ less than the asking price- which is very far and between in the housing world normally offers are a couple grand less. So obviously it wasn't for us.

Yesterday afternoon we viewed several more properties. One had just been listed at 5 o'clock the previous evening. Turns out we like it more than the one we offered on. We will be reviewing some comps on the local area and then we will place our offer base upon it. Getting rejected the first time wasn't completely gut wrenching but I don't know how well I will react to losing another.

Wish me luck!

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