Sunday, March 18, 2012

Change of pace

Fact: I suck at blogging.
I've said it time after time that I wish I had more time to dedicate to blogging. I've said my sorry for disappearing time and time again. I've recently even gone as far as the thought to delete my blog. However I can't bring myself to do it. I've invested a lot of myself into this blog. I've tried my had at giveaways, memes, bandwagons, writing prompts, I've tried it all. However I find myself not having the time to commit. I'm going to try something different. A document. I'm going to keep my blog as a documentation of my life and all the things in between.

The giveaway? Total bust. I had three entries in which I find grounds to terminate. Sorry for the wasted time. I wanted to go through with it but honestly I see no point.

The house in the last post? Total bust (thank God). We ended up going through a huge turn of events and we are now actually under contract on a different house. A home inspection is scheduled for this Friday then the appraisal and then we will be on our way to closing and becoming home owners. I'm beyond excited this really is the house for us. Perfect location, layout, and as minor of repairs as can be. There wouldn't be any changes to make if I wasn't picky but I am so I will be painting the kitchen, installing a fan in master bedroom, reaching a washer and dryer, replacing the hardware on the kitchen cabinets, and a few other minor details.

It's been a rough ride getting to this point but it has been more than worth it. I can't wait to have a home with Honey and do all the domestic goodness that comes with it. Yes I'm even looking forward to cleaning lol.

Maybe after Friday I will update, no promises.

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  1. Aww I hope you don't stop blogging completely. I would miss you. I'm not really feeling blogging lately either, but I'll like having it to look back on later, so I try to keep at it.
    Congrats on almost being a home owner! That would be so exciting.


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