Friday, March 23, 2012

It's a boy!

So the time is finally here, the big day! I meet the home inspector today at 8:45am. I suppose most people would be nervous however I find my nerves at ease. With the other two houses we put offers on, I could see my nerves easily being in a tangled mess but not this house. I already know that some flaws will be brought to my attention however I'm not so sure that they will be finding something that completely breaks the deal. I hoping I am one step closer to being a homeowner.

Also in three weeks, possibly 4 or 5 Honey and I will be adding an addition to our household. Meet Cooper.

I don't know which one is ours yet. I just know its going to be a little boy Bichpoo named Cooper. Honey and I have recently become addicted to The Big Bang Theory. We thought about Sheldon and it just didn't seem to fit nor did Leonard, Howard, or Rajesh. Sheldon Cooper on the other hand? Yes! I can't wait to meet my little baby boy, I'm beyond excited. Maybe today I will hit up the pet store and find him a cute little collar and other accessories. I'm so in love with a little four legged fuzz ball that I've never even met. I'll post pictures of course when I have him :)

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