Monday, June 28, 2010

1000 Random Fact Pt 3

Welcome to part tres! I pre-apologize if you get bored with reading. I'll be doing double the facts. How intriguing! ;)

Pt. 3: 101-200
101. I listen to rap. Hardcore rap. Boom boom stuff.
102. I get giggly when thinking about love, sometimes depressed.
103. I love HGTV. Mainly House Hunters and Property Virgins.
104. Speaking of virgins, I lost my virginity my sophomore year in high school. Oh watta hoe! HA! Jk.
105. I lit and took a hit off of my first cigarette when I was 8 years old.
106. I've been a smoked cigarettes since my junior year in high school.
107. I've had 7 cellphones. 2 being iPhones. 3g and 3gs of course ;)
108. I decided to trip shrooms my sophomore year in college. It didn't work right and I ended up with a delayed trip that lasted 3 months. Hello white cats and black rabbits EVERYWHERE. *Do not ever try this... it's stupid and irresponsible.
109. When I was 12 years old I spent my summer's going to work with my mom. (She's a cosmetologist) I would sweep hair and wash out perms and stock... and made pretty good money.
110. I never talked until I was 3 years old, I only grunted.
111. I'm generally shy, however with age I come more out of my shell.
112. My father and I didn't have a relationship til I was 14 years old. We had the same temper so we only pissed each other off... long story will elaborate later.
113. If I could tan everyday of my life I would. However I'm quite pale.
114. I've spent a week straight drunk. Literally never sober once. Hey, it was spring break in PCB... don't judge me :-P
115. I hate confrontation but I'm not one to let it overcome me.
116. The day before I start my monthly present I cry.. it never fails.
117. When driving my seats vibrate from my bass. I wouldn't have it any other way.
118. I live in the country music capital, yet I hated country up until about 2 years ago.
119. Born and raised in Tennessee.
120. I'm determined to visit Delaware.
121. " " Maine.
122. " " New Brunswick
123. " " Chicago
124. " " New York
125. " " LA
126. " " San Fran
127. " " St. Lucia
128. " " Mexico
129. " " Miami
130. " " New Hampshire
131. " " North/South Carolina
132. " " Washington
133. I have several e-mail addresses. As soon as I start getting too much junk mail, I make a new one. Retarded I know.
134. I'm 21 with a curfew.
135. I'm hot natured.
136. When I was younger, before I discovered contacts, everytime I got mad I broke my glasses. I had anger issues apparently.
137. I love getting out of the shower and letting my hair air dry.
138. My mom randomly tells me she's going to beat me with something, always some sort of random object... fly swatter, spatula, newspaper.... I know her love for me is overwhelmingly obvious. lol.
139. I'm a true believer that music speaks where words fail.
140. I know how to carry on a convo about politics.
141. I'm a republican that boarderlines me neutral. I don't vote based upon whether or not they're a rep or dem, I vote for the candidate who I find to be best for office.
142. Aka. I think Sarah Palin is a dumbass.
143. FEMINISTS GET READY TO BE OUTRAGED: I don't believe a female should be able to run for president. I feel it's a mans job... women are too emotional. They have a bad period and next thing we know we're blowing up china because she had a hot flash. No Bueno.
144. I randomly speak spanish.
145. I think spanish is a beautiful language and it's very under appreciated.
146. I'm an impatient person.
147. My taste in music is very diverse.
148. Yes, this means I randomly jam out to bluegrass. WHAT UP! :)
149. I practiced playing flip cup before I ever played with a group of people. Just so I wouldn't look like a jack ass of course!
150. On a school night we decided to play water pong instead of beer pong... just because we wanted to play. lol
151. I love playing sports
152. However, I'm not athletically inclined at all... except for softball.
153. I won 5 trophies in one season of softball.
154. If you put my iPod on shuffle I assure you, you will run into some Britney Spears and Dean Martin. hehe
155. I love blueberry pancakes and waffles!!
156. I don't really like candy unless I randomly crave it at that certain time of the month.
157. Actually I'm not a fan of sweets alltogether.
158. I refuse to shop at Abercrombie and Hollister. I find it to be overrated.
159. I hate when girls pretty much buy whatever was on the mannequin, it shows lack of creativity.
160. My iTunes has 2107 songs at this current moment in time. I don't even have all my music loaded. hehe.
161. My favorite movies of all times are Blow
162. Garden State
163. American Pie's
164. Sex and The City
165. PS I love you
166. The Notebook
167. My favorite quotation comes from one a friend from high school, "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Everyone has their own hell, whether they grow above that or not is up to them." JB
168. I have one tattoo. It's two nautical stars one on each hip bone. Black and pink with green stripes.
169. I like scarves.
170. I know how to knit.
171. I wish I knew how to sew.
172. I love scrapbooking.
173. I love writing.
174. I love it when guys wear suits.
175. I'm obsessed with the band Chiodos. check em out!
176. I love wearing dresses.
177. Bald guys turn me on.
178. I love gerber daisies.
179. I love watching the biggest loser, it makes me happy
180. I love summertime.
181. I hate winter.
182. I google anything and everything.
183. I'm addicted to caffiene.
184. I'm not a fan of Obama
185. I'm a regular at Starbucks.
186. I have a million lighters but everytime I need one I can't find one
187. I like to sleep with lots of pillows.
188. I'm really not a fan of wet grass.
189. I want to own a Mac computer super duper uber spectacularly bad.
190. I make up my own words.
191. I randomly switch letters in words that I try to say. Example: Is this clean or dirty comes out as is this dean or cirty?
192. When I write my number 4's and 8's I write them differently almost everytime. Don't ask. lol
193. I love Hardee's breakfast. Especially the biscuit and gravy!!
194. I live by Ch 4 News. I hate all other news stations lol
195. Not a fan of facial hair.
196. I love sitting outside listening to the crickets chirp
197. Out of all types of jewelry, bracelets are my least favorite.
198. I want to eventually own a chevy truck with suspensions. Because I'm just that redneck.
199. I have a tender heart. You tell me about somebody getting hurt, I assure you I'll follow it up with, "Bless their heart!"
200. I love me some fishin!

Fact: That was intense. Try coming up with 100 facts in one blog post, nottt easy. especially since I kept backspacing because I remember I already stated a fact in a previous fact-o-thon post! Hope you enjoyed... tooootles ;)


  1. O.K. you always crack me up! Know you didn't just say tootles cute you are :0)

    Um girlie I always say "Bless there heart too" ALWAYS....

    Eeeek on the seeing bunnies for a that must have been trippy (pun intended)

    I always cry before Aunt Flo's visit too...the hubs is always like aye aye aye its that time huh....

    Blow is one of our fav movies, haven't been to Hollister since my pregnancy brain moment when I was 8 weeks preggo..., I was walking and had my new Ugg boots on and smiling and walked up on the display part and tried to open the doors that won't open, but oh no instead of all my besties telling me they just let me knock hahahha.... :0) I am traumatized...I tell ya....everytime we see it we all laugh, oh and the hubs he was in on it too....he he he

    Gerber daises I love and scrapbooking is so fun....


  2. I love reading these! I see what we have in common haha. One thing though, I really couldn't name 1,000 facts about me without repeating myself!

  3. I love this. They really are random.
    My tastes in music are all over the place too.
    New Brunswick is my favorite place (not that I've been to many places though)


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