Saturday, June 12, 2010

money making, stress accumulating, hard working diva

Where has the diva been, you ask? Oh golly where do I start! With out further elaboration I will tell you this, I have now skipped over the assistant manager position and went straight from keyholder to manager at work. Everything has been crazy lately, literally. Yesterday was probably the most crazy. After being at work all morning with little to no sleep from last night, I'm now laying in bed about to take a nap. However I feel like I have neglected my beautiful blog friends so I decided to make a quick post. I have had several of you on my mind here lately and to be honest I feel 100% guilty for not even taking the time to comment all yalls blogs.

Wth this being said, I wanted to ask yall to please be patient with me as I turn to a new page in my life. So far it's been hectic and somewhat overwhelming. I've been working long hours only to come home, crawl into bed, and stare atthe ceiling thinking about everything that needs to be done. With my new management position I'm havin to go through and fix everything that happened prior to my promotion. Being only 21 this is a pretty big step for me and I feel that it's only normal to be so overwhelmed.

To give you a little update on me: I'm still single and I am still not looking for too serious of a relationship becuase right now I don't have time, let's face it I don't even have time to post... I couldn't imagine having to deal with a relationship right now!! Also Jacob is doing wonderful!!!! He can now sit up all on his own and he's working towards crawling. He's becoming such a big boy and really I dontthink I'm ready for it :-/ My grandmother is currently in the hospital due to congestive heart failure. My grandfatherhowever is becoming more and more healthy which is a huge relief considering he has a tumor. Also another girl at work is pregnant. Lol, seriously they just can't stop popping baby bumps!! Other than that, I myself am doing pretty good. I can't really complain about much. My family is bursting out the seams with love and support and right now that's all I really need.

So tell me, since I haven't been able to read up on yalls blogs, how are you?


  1. Wow well congrats for your promotion. Becoming at amnager at such a young age is fantastic, so great job. I understand, and I am sure all of your other blogger buddies, how busy you must be so we will be patient. Sleep is more important than staying up to date on blogs.

    I willkeep your grandparents in my thoughts. :)

  2. Congrats on the manager position! That is very stressful! You can do it though, and kick butt at it!! Good to "hear" from you lol!

  3. Congrats! Sounds like a lot of craziness but hopefully it's all good craziness, compared to some of the stuff you were going through before. Glad to get an update from you.

    I am good. Going through some love-life craziness, but overall things are good.

  4. congrats on your promotion! i hope it came with a raise! :) i hope life slows down for you soon... we all miss you terribly!!


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