Sunday, June 27, 2010

wait, the weekend is already over?

Happy Sunday :) I hope everyone had a good weekend, I know I sure did! Friday night of course I didn't do anything because I worked Saturday morning from 7-10am. However, Saturday night was spent at my sisters, again! lol. As I was on my way to her house she asked me to stop and get her some cigarettes so I pulled into the gas station and went inside. I got in line with two people in front of me. One of those people turned around, jaw hitting the floor, in total amazement. Turns out it was one of my ex's best friends. I haven't seen him in probably over a year, therefore we both had changed alot. For instance, he went from being chubby geek to built and handsome... just for the record. After a little small talk he told me it was good seeing me and that I looked good. After this, I knew my night was going to be entertaining. On my departure from the gas station my sister called and told me it was only going to be me and her and my BIL hanging out. I got to her house and we chatted for a bit only to be interrupted at the same time with text messages. Her's was from her friend Crissy informing her that she was on her way over with her latest arm candy and mine was from my high school crush saying that he had just got off work and he was headed that way. We went from no one coming over to a nice little gathering. Several beers later everyone departed except for J (high school crush). We went inside and sat on the couch and ended up hanging out til 5am. :) hehe okay yes I totally just giggled when typing that. Not that either of us have time for a relationship but it's always fun to fantasize. :) :)

Today we all came to my parents to swim. My mom had just bought a volleyball net for the pool... plus several other pool games. It was a lot of fun. I'm actually just now settling down. Thank God I have tomorrow off work! Especially considering last week was extremely stressful and tear-filled. I think it's fair to say this weekend made up for it though.

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  1. I love those nights where you hang out with a guy until late hours of the morning. Something exciting about it. Kind of cool that it was your high school crush.

    I wish I had a pool with cool games.


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