Thursday, October 7, 2010

Jacob Riley+Giveaway+No Work

First and foremost, hooray for giveaways! I loveee them! I just recently entered Bailey's giveaway where two lucky winners would recieve a set of social networking buttons. Guess what? (i'm sure you've already figured out by this point, but let's not spoil the fun) I WONNNN!!! Hooray hooray! If it were anyone else posting this giveaway with another designer, chances are I probably wouldn't have entered. However, considering Bailey is extremely easy to work with and is an AMAZING designer I jumped on this like a cheetah in hightops! If you're ever interested in getting a professional blog design or even redesigning your blog, I would HIGHLY recommend her. You can go here for all the details on how to get a bad ass blog design! ;)

Furthermore, yesterday was intense. I woke up at 5AM to go in to work and didn't get off til 8PM. I was ready to fall out when I got hope, which is exactly what I did. Today was a waste! The most productive thing I did today was take a shower, and it was like pulling teeth to even get up and make myself do just that. Lazy much? Honestly, I can't tell you the last time I took a day off from every aspect in my crazy life. I did what I wanted to do all day long, which was just sit, that's it... just sit. Others would go get a pedicure, manicure, massage, even go shopping. However, all of that seems like a large task to me lately just because I don't have time to ever just sit. Sit and breathe for a whole day. Let me tell you, I couldn't have asked for a better day... minus the aches and pains created from working long hours in a body that isn't getting any younger, but hey that's life!

So have I ever told ya'll that I sleep naked? I have to. I can't sleep in clothes, I've tried a million and a half times! Yet, somehow I have an obsession with pajamas! I just bought an awesome set of j's that I literally wash repetitively so I can wear them every night. One of these days when I have time, I'm going to buy several more pairs. I love them because the pants you can either where them as capri's or full length and the shirt you can wear either three quarter length or long sleeve! Needless to say they're comfy, and kinda cute ;) Seee:

Told ya so. So anyways, moving on to the most important subject of this post. Jacob Riley! So today in day care his teacher was reading a book about farm animals. The teacher started making different farm animal noises and all of a sudden Jacob, 11 months old, goes "Mooo". How freaking adorable, do you know how much money I would have paid in order to see that! I love me some Jacob Riley, like nobodys business! Speaking of him being 11 months, Jacob Riley turns 1 on October 26th! Woo Hoo! Because of this, I will be hosting a giveaway sometime closer to the end of this month. Meanwhile, I have to figure out what I'll be giving away and the exact date that I'll be giving it. So anyways that's something to look forward too! Oh and also... look out for day 3 of 10 Days of Digging Deeper! It'll be popping up sometime soon =)

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  1. His birthday is a week after mine :)
    I love October babies haha.
    Congrats on winning Bailey's giveaway. I love her stuff as well.


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