Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Flu+Bronchitis+Ear Infection+Love

So I swear I didn't die, though it might have very well been close to it. The past week has been a brutal hell. Last Wednesday I was feeling oddly weak and my body had chills. I thought maybe it was just a small cold, no biggie drugs can fix it. I left work early and headed to the doctor only to find out that I had the flu, bronchitis, and an ear infection. At the time I was thinking, riiight I do not have all of those I don't feel that bad. Later that night it got worse....the next day even more worse...the following day I still felt dead. I literally stayed in bed from Wednesday to Sunday. I couldn't keep any of my food down and even on Monday I was still on a saltines diet. It wasn't till yesterday that I had my first real bite of food. Everything tastes different now, it actually tastes like shit. I can't wait for everything to go back to normal. Food to taste normal, my shits to be normal, and to not have that fear every time I put food in my mouth that it will come right back up.

On another note! I celebrated my very first valentines day. Yes, I am 22 and have never had a relationship on valentines. Well, I did have my ex but we didn't celebrate for reasons unknown. Anyways, not to take away from the original point here. I had an amazing valentines though to others it may not have seemed quite ideal. I have the best boyfriend in the entire world he is freaking fabulous, no doubt about it. We actually just had the conversation yesterday about how I love being with him because it comes naturally and we dont really even have to work at it. Yes, I know we will have our times but I'm looking at the overall picture here. I mean who couldn't love this kid...



  1. Goodness girlie you have been sick, I hope you start feeling better quick and YAY about your first valentine's how fun and I am so stoked for ya!!


  2. That sounds like one hell of a sickness. Hope you start feeling better soon! I think I would die if I was sick for that long.
    Glad you enjoyed your first relationship Valentine's day! So far there's only been one guy to ever do anything special for me on v-day and we weren't even dating. Even a surprise of lame heart shaped chocolates would make me happier than nothing.


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