Thursday, February 17, 2011

(un)domestic diva?

I've never questioned it before, but after this morning I definitely am. Am I domestically challenged? Okay so I can clean and do laundry, I'm in the clear on that. This morning I decided to be a sweet girlfriend and wake up at 5:50 to make K breakfast before he went to work. It was just a simple breakfast, one that I've cooked a million times over: bacon, eggs, and biscuits. The biscuits turned out fabulous as did the bacon. Tell me why I BURNT my eggs!? I've cooked eggs a million and one times and I've never burnt them yet the one morning a decide to get up early (on my only day off might I add) to make a hearty breakfast for my sweetie, I screw it up. Fail. Majorly. Nevertheless, he just laughed it off but it still really bothers me. Maybe I'm just not use to his cooking materials. His skillet...his stove...his eggs?

As if messing the eggs up this morning isn't enough, I might as well continue to confess my failures this morning. Last night I decided to get on my cooking wild side and try a new dish. Meatloaf! (See below for recipe) Though the meatloaf turned out fantastically as did the roasted garlic and herb potatoes, I forgot to cook the macaroni. By the time I remembered that I was suppose to start the noodles it was too late, the potatoes had only seven minutes left and the meatloaf was done. How do you do that?

To my own defense, it has been a while since I lived by myself and prepared my own meals. To my own defense, I haven't cooked in quite some time and my skills are a little on the rusty and dusty side. And last but not least, to my own defense, my boyfriend is a picky eater and if he would have accepted corn over the wouldn't have been to late to cook it. So bam, maybe this Diva is quite the domestic...I just have to dust off the spatula and put it to use!

Recipe for Meatloaf:
(obviously I'm not a fabulous cook, so if you're looking for something super easy to make for dinner one night...this is the shit. the original recipe is on the back of the meatloaf sauce can, but I tweaked it to fit mine and K's needs)
What you need:
1lb Hamburger meat
15 Saltine Crackers
1 Can of Hunt's Meatloaf Paste
1 Egg

Preheat oven to 400.
Put hamburger meat in bowl with half a can of meatloaf paste make sure you save at least half of the can!! and one egg. Mix it up i used my hands because it was easier Then crush your 15 saltines and mix it up in the meat as well. Shape into a loaf form.

Put in oven for 45 minutes. Take out, dump the remaining sauce on top of the meatloaf and cook for 10 more minutes. Let sit for additional 10 minutes for cooling.

and wah-lah. you just made the easiest meatloaf EVER.


  1. girl you are totally not domestically challenged you rock at being a great girlfriend, it is easy peasy to burn eggs especially if your not use to someone else's stove top! Oh and as for the macaroni I have done that a gazillion times LOL...oh and to make you fill even better a couple mths ago I was making simple hamburger helper and I forgot to add the seasoning packet because I was on the phone, LOL total fail, open trash, dump out go to bob evans hahahhaha

    Ooooh that meatloaf recipe sounds yummy!


  2. Unless you ruin everything, I think you're doing great. I'm a pretty bad cook most of the time.
    That sounds like the perfect meatloaf for me! I love plain meatloaf since I'm not a fan of onions and such so I may try this after I do groceries.


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