Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A failed system.

Today's post has been interrupted due to a rant that must get off my chest.

You know, normally I try not to get too opinionated in my blogging, yeah...right...,but today I am going to put it all out there. Have any of you been following the Casey Anthony trial? Well, I've followed it from day one. Never once did I second guess that she was guilty. Never once did I think anyone else did it. As soon as I heard about it I knew she did it. It's really simple, everything points to her, end of story. Tell me why she got away with murder today?! Tell me why she is walking free on Thursday, or so the defense hopes? I know people who have done more time for a sack of pot than she did for killing her kid. Bullshit.

Heres the facts:
She researched chloroform. There was a gatorade bottle found in her vehicle with chloroform in it.
Her father made the statement, "once you smell a dead body, you immediately know what it is" later her mother on a 911 call states, "my daughters car smells like a dead body".
She didn't report her child missing. Ever. Her mother reported it.
She lied to the police on several occasions and even admitted she lied. If she's innocent why lie?
There was duck tape placed on the little girls nose and mouth. On the mouth was a heart shaped sticker. The sticker book that the sticker was removed from was found in Casey Anthony's bedroom drawer.
She said that Caylee drowned in the pool and her father made her cover it up. Why was George, the father, going to let her be sentenced to death and not speak up and say "yeah thats what really happened".
Casey said that her father helped her dispose of the body however the time frame that she provided Georges cell phone pinged at a tower beside his work and Caseys cell phone pinged at a tower close to the crime scene for several hours. Hello premeditation.
Most mothers I know would go to the ends of the earth to protect their children. She left her body in a garbage bag in some brush where roots, vines and branches grew through her skull and out of the eye socket. Every mother can go to sleep at night knowing their children are being eaten by maggots and other bugs, right?
Casey got a tattoo during the 31 days of her daughters unreported missing that said "la bella vita" meaning "the beautiful life" ding ding ding helllllo?

I could keep going with facts. I watched everything from day one. No one could ever convince me otherwise. To sum it up, the jurors had been there for 41 days. They didn't take the time to deliberate. They would have been there for at least another week if they founded her guilty. They took the easy way out. God knows what happened and though she may not be behind bars, justice will be served. She will no longer have the Freedom to walk the streets without someone knowing who she is in her town. She may be from Florida but people in England and across the world know the story. The "beautiful life" that she thought she once had is now forever gone. She will be known as the 2011 OJ Simpson, the mother who got away with murder, and the ruthless heartless bitch that she really is.


  1. I totally agree with you!! I can't believe she got away with it either. I didn't believe one word the defense said. She didn't even testify! That right there flies the red flag so high! If you are not guilty about something, you are going to stand up for yourself, and make everything clear to everyone. Urg!!

  2. Today's verdict sickens me! Well the whole trial did! Being I majored in Criminal Justice and have a degree in it there are a few things about today that sickens me. The defense attorney smiling ear to ear when the verdict was read, the toasting of wine from the defense team (hello a child is dead this is no time to celebrate), the defense team threw every story out there to cause reasonable doubt, from the father abusing casey to the drowning to the mother abusing her daughter geez it was there way of causing reasonable doubt and if the jury has an ounce of reasonable doubt they can't convict. It's sad, it is clear she did it, the evidence was there, it's really a sad situation. What sickens me most is she will be free probably get a movie deal, a book deal, tabloid money and I refuse to watch or buy any of it and contribute to this its so sad. I agree with you the ultimate judge GOD she will have to answer to! Thanks for posting...I needed to get that off my chest

  3. THANK YOU!!!!!!!

    Agreed on the WHOLE post....Makes me sick.


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